... And the Christmas Thief
... And the Christmas Thief
Directed by Noah Wyle
Written by Nicole Ranadive
Season 4
Original airdate December 20, 2017
Episode 3
Previous Episode "... And the Steal of Fortune"
Next Episode "... And the Silver Screen"

"... And the Christmas Thief" is the third episode of the fourth season of The Librarians. It aired on December 20, 2017, in a 'double bill' with "... And the Silver Screen".


When Santa takes Flynn, Baird and Jenkins on his first vacation in centuries, he leaves his beloved sleigh in the care of the Librarians. But when Ezekiel’s career criminal mother steals the magic door, they must use the sleigh to save her, as well as Christmas itself, from Santa’s Grinch of a brother, the Patron Saint of Thieves.


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