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The Advanced Learning Buddy is a wish fulfillment spell disguised as a brain training app which was created by Morgan Le Fay.[1]


The app was created by Morgan Le Fay, although Ukrainian programmers did the actual coding, while she added the magical component. She then put the app up for download on a website for "proactive parents", where it was downloaded by both parents and students who were participating in the Chicagoland STEM Fair.

The users wishing for bad luck for their rivals created a feedback loop of magical backlash, which was contained by The Librarians and Amy Meyer, who used the spell's power to enhance the magical Farraday cage they had created.

Eve Baird used the app to wish for an "even playing field" against Morgan Le Fay. The spell allowed her to physically harm Morgan, something no one else had managed in centuries.[1]

Later, the Librarians and Flynn Carsen use the app to help run the equations required for the spell used to open a dimensional door to the void in search of The Library[2].

How it works[]

The Advanced Learning Buddy distracts the user with a brain training game while having them focus on a specific goal. Once the user has moved up to the next level, they have unknowingly performed witchcraft rituals. The app amplifies any wish, good or evil, even subconscious ones.

As with any magic, the Rule of Three applies to the use of the app. Anyone who uses the app has their intentions visited back upon them threefold, which can create a magical backlash against users who had wished harm upon others.

Amy Meyer described the feeling of the using the app as "wrong, like, greasy inside my head".[1]


  • If exactly 27 people use the app at the same time, its power will increase dramatically. This happens because 27 is three to the power of three (3 x 3 x 3).



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