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"And the Bleeding Crown" is the fifth episode of the fourth season of The Librarians. It aired on December 27, 2017.


A Librarian from the past teams up with the Librarians of the present to take down an ancient and powerful enemy let loose in the modern day. When superfan Flynn is met with the prospect of teaming with his Librarian hero Darrington Dare, he could not be more excited, until Darrington leaves the Librarians with this dire warning: There can be only one Librarian - ignore at your own peril.[1]


An entire small town wakes up to find they are senior citizens. The Librarians are called in to investigate the strange happenings. Flynn and Eve visit the family that were recorded as being the first to turn old and find out they saw a red flash of light similar to a light bulb popping before they turned. The other Librarians spot a young woman that hasn't changed and chase after her when she takes off running. They call Eve to let her know what they've found. The Librarians follow her into a warehouse and end up surrounded by masked individuals wearing sacks on their head. A man comes swinging down on a rope and introduces himself as Darrington Dare, an old Librarian from the 1880's.

When Eve and Flynn arrive, Flynn is overcome with excitement to meet Darrington as he's a fan of his work. They leave the warehouse and decide to team up with one another to solve this case. While regrouping at a diner, Darrington reveals to the group that his nemesis Ambrose Gethik is behind the strange happening. Ambrose stole the Bleeding Crown from the vampire queen of Northampton. It is an old artifact that has the power to drain a man's life force and Ambrose used it to kill Darrington's man-servant before opening a portal to the future. Darrington followed Ambrose into the future but the difference in time of their entering the portal means that Ambrose has been here for months and Darrington arrived a few hours ago.

Ambrose has been creating powerful clones of himself but there is a problem with the technology to do so. Thus, all the clones have a rapid degeneration of their skin which is why they all wear sacks over their head. Flynn knows that Darrington is nearing his death-date which is tomorrow but they're not permitted to warn him because it's against the rules.

Flynn and Darrington head out to investigate and Darrington is shocked to learn that the other trio are also Librarians. Darrington is adamant that there can only be one library at a a time but the conversation is interrupted when they spot the same young woman the trio had pursued earlier before she disappeared. They follow her to a house in the woods where the young woman is living with her parents who also haven't aged. They have been hiding out because they became concerned that the aging might be contagious condition. What Darrington and Flynn determine is that the family has remained unharmed because they haven't been able to pay their electric bills. Electricity is a key component to the aging problem.

Eve and the trio follow their own investigation and come across a box with Artemis' initials on it. They are surrounded by the clones with sacks on their head. A red light flashes and then they are turned into senior citizens. Flynn and Darrington exit the house of the only non-turned-old family to discover their old colleagues. Flynn brings them all back to the Library where Jenkins is shocked to see what has happened to them. Darrington also confronts Jenkins about there being four Librarians in the modern day.

Darrington has Jenkins get out the Book of Librarians which Flynn has studied extensively. There are some pages ripped out of it and Darrington recites a magical incantation to restore them. It tells about how there were two Librarians once before and the rift between the brothers was what led to the Dark Ages. Darrington warns him of the risks of any doubts or fissures among the Librarians.

Flynn and Darrington leave to confront Ambrose while the Eve and the trio seemingly stay asleep at the Library. Ambrose reveals that Eve and trio at the Library are merely clones of the real Eve and trio. The only reason he turned the town old was to disguise where he had kept the real ones the entire time. Jenkins must fight off the old clones while Flynn and Darrington must free Eve and the trio before Ambrose harvests the Library-energy infused in them to try to kill Darlington. Ambrose has his clones lock Flynn in another chamber and the Library-energy beings to be pulled from the individuals. Flynn is pushing to keep the door of his chamber open and Darrington tosses him a device to scare off the clones.

Darrington and Ambrose must engage in sword fight, with Ambrose still wearing the Bleeding Crown. He is using a sword with a blade composed entirely of Library-energy. Flynn grabs a sword of his own to help Darrington fight Ambrose. The fight carries on and Flynn wants to go free the others but Darrington says they can be sacrificed and the Library will understand. He berates Darrington and Ambrose for caring more about fighting than their own good/evil causes. Flynn leaves them to their fighting and goes back to try to destroy the console draining his friends of Library energy.

Flynn returns to the Library and saves Jenkins, who has been tied up by the clones. He uses Darrington's device to scare off the clowns and brings Jenkins back through the door. Ambrose is about to kill Darrington, who finally realises Flynn was right in pointing out he has been blinded by his hate. When Darrington spots Flynn, he seems him signal to stall. Darrington being to talk to Ambrose, encouraging him to reminisce about their fights over the years. Flynn loads Jenkins into one of the machines and overloads the Bleeding Crown which destroys Ambrose and saves Darrington.

Darrington thanks Flynn for saving him and Flynn reminds him that he was able to save him because he saved his friends. Flynn encourages Darrington to find friends and wishes him to have a happy birthday the following day, all the while knowing history has shown it's his death-date. But after he goes through, the history book shifts and shows that he reconnected with his friends who were with him on his birthday and able to help him fight off his foe. As a result, he lived 62 years longer than he originally had and lived a life without regrets. Flynn later discovers a letter in the book from Darrington that says he never stopped thinking about Flynn and despite his gratitude to Flynn, he is still adamant that there should only ever be one Librarian in the Library. His dying wish is that Flynn will put things right before it's too late.


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