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"And the Sword in the Stone" is the second episode of the first season of The Librarians. It aired on December 7, 2014.[1]


The Serpent Brotherhood is trying to return magic to our world. Flynn, Colonel Baird, and the potential Librarians must stop them before it's too late.[1]


Flynn's would-be killers get their heads knocked by Eve. The group learns of Cassandra's betrayal and Flynn drinks from a hidden bottle, a slug from the Bathsheba's Oil of Healing slows the bleeding of his wound long enough for them to go chasing after Charlene.

Lamia has her henchmen stealing from The Library and everyone is forced to flee when the bell gong counts down, as the Library begins to fold in on itself thanks to Charlene's magic. The bad guys take the elevator while our heroes escape through a door that spits them out in a forest in Oregon. Flynn's still bleeding and they need to get him some help. They're met by Jenkins who is waiting for them on the side of the road. He drives them to a secret annex of the Library, which is hidden in the base of a suspension bridge. From here, they're able to access all of the information contained in the library but not the artifacts. Also, Flynn's magical wound still isn't healing. Eve anticipates that Flynn's wound will kill him in 24 hours and tells the potential Librarians about how there's only one Librarian at a time, with a new one being chosen when the current one dies.

Lamia brings Cassandra to Dulaque, our mystery-murderer from the premiere who monologues about Librarians being terrible for keeping magic from the world. Cassandra asks if they can really cure her, and he says they can, even giving Lamia the evil-eye to stop her from killing Cassandra, believing her to be of use.

Eve gives Flynn a pep-talk about using his brain and he is inspired to remember that Lamia called Excalibur a key. Keys unlock things so what's the lock? The stone that Arthur pulled Excalibur from, of course! So it's off to London where the stone is sat on a massive ley line. With only 12 hours or so to live, Flynn and the rest of the group must hurry and steal the emerald Stone of Marrakesh from the Tower of London in order to locate the Stone of King Arthur. Ezekiel puts a plan together and it is successful. Flynn transforms the emerald into a lodestone, which they all must follow.

The Brotherhood is working underground in secret chambers they dug. They're trying to reach the chamber under Buckingham Palace in which the royal family has guarded a magical stone for centuries. Our heroes reach the palace outside and decide they will infiltrate through some forged invitations to a charity ball.

Dulaque is also at the ball where the heroes are hard at work to find the chamber, while Lamia, Cassandra, and the henchmen are at the chamber, where Cassandra must decipher a puzzle so the protective barrier can be reached. After doing so, Cassandra is taken away while Lamia puts Excalibur back into the stone and a blue light is released. The lights begin to flicker and Dulaque's eyes flash blue.

Our heroes go through a hidden passageway behind a wine cellar. They find Cassandra locked up and release her, as she's offering to help and apparently they're not one for holding grudges. She's able to offer up just the right information so they can electromagnetize Flynn's pipe, which Flynn uses to zap the crown off Lamia's head after fighting her in a duel. He also calls Excalibur from the stone to defeat Lamia and then Excalibur begins to die. Flynn's last move is to give Cassandra Excalibur so the last remainders of its magic can cure her tumour. An emotional Cassandra instead opts to lay the sword on Flynn's sword and zap! Flynn's wound is healed and he comes back to life. She tells Flynn he has already saved her. Flynn then lays Excalibur on the stone, which it is reabsorbed back into.

Flynn send the potentials packing, saying it's not safe for them. Jenkins notes the tragedy of the loss of the Library itself. Judson tells Flynn that the Library and Charlene are fine and intact. Flynn determines that he can find a way to re-tether the Library to their reality if the potentials to the day-to-day work that he would normally be doing. He tells the potentials to check their plane tickets and when they open their envelopes, they find that the Library has already turned the tickets into invitations. The Annex is their base of operations for now and Jenkins will supervise the training of the potentials.

Eve walks Flynn out and promises to protect the potentials, with Flynn admitting he trusts her to do so. He believes that the Library chose her to be their guardian. He admits that he'd love to be travelling the world with her but they agree that the job comes first, though they share a kiss before going their separate ways. Jenkins suggests that the group use the Clippings Book to pick cases, since it documents new bizarre mysteries happening every day.


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