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The Angrboda Crystal is a Norse artifact found at The Library.


It was trapped inside an enchanted chunk of ice by the Frost Giants, and was hidden in Finland until its owners needed its powers again.


Life Extension:  Beings who regularly absorb the energy of the Crystal become potentially immortal.

Immense Energy:  The Crystal can feed tens of Frost Giants with its magic before needing to recharge.

Glowing:  Whenever its name is said, the Angrboda Crystal will glow blue.

Symbiosis:  It can enter the chest of creatures that tap into its power. This will mean no harm or benefit to humans, as the Crystal will be expelled from their bodies a few days after the fusion.

Real World Counterpart[]

In Norse Mythology, Angrboða or Angrboda is the Jötunn (Frost Giant) with whom Loki  breeds to create Fenrir, Hel, and Jörmungandr , his children, who will all slay major gods during the last great battle, Ragnarök . She is therefore the mother of unspeakable, almost unlimited, evil.

Library display card for the artefact - created by user magicexpert28