The Library
The Library

"Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est" (Latin - And the very knowledge is power) Superscription over the Back Door

The Annex is a remote interface to the Library that was solely occupied and maintained by Jenkins. The entrance to the annex is located at the base of the St. Johns Bridge in Portland, Oregon. As ofAnd the Sword in the Stone, it serves as the headquarters of the Librarians during the series.

The main room of the Annex is identical to the Library's Card Catalog, and also has the power to access any of the books found in said structure, but not the main artifacts.

Flynn's desk always rearranges its contents in the manner that he wishes. Flynn built a desk for Colonel Baird to organize as she pleased.

As of "And the Loom of Fate ", the Annex serves as the location that the Library is anchored to in the physical world.