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The Apple of Discord is a magical fruit created by the goddess Eris to cause havoc.


According to the Greek Legend it appears in, the Apple of Discord was made by the goddess of strife, Eris,[1] to cause discord between the goddesses Athena, Hera and Aphrodite, considered the most beautiful members of the divine pantheon.

At some point in time, the Apple was hidden inside the Mystic Pearl of the Fei Lung, belonging to the Eastern Dragons, or the Fei Lung. The dragons were unaware of the Apple's presence within their Pearl[2].

In 2014, the Pearl was stolen from the Eastern Dragons, supposedly by their rivals the Western Dragons. Mr. Drake, the lawyer and representative of the Fei Lung, was sent to the Library to demand that the Pearl be returned or the Eastern Dragons would declare war. When the Librarians found the Pearl in the stronghold of the Western Dragons beneath Rome, the Apple within it started to affect them, starting with Jacob Stone, the first to touch it.

After the Pearl was dropped during a fight, the Apple was revealed, and Flynn Carsen recognized it for what it was. However, Cassandra Cillian picked it up before Flynn could get to it. The Apple then passed to both Eve Baird and Flynn, with Flynn finally taking control of it. Under its influence, he disrupted the Conclave happening in the Annex. Recognizing the threat posed by someone as powerful as Flynn being affected by the Apple, the Librarians got Ezekiel Jones to steal it from Flynn. They then learned that Ezekiel was unaffected by the Apple, as he was already the worst version of himself, and the Apple was safely contained and placed in the Library's collection of artifacts.

The theft was revealed to have been orchestrated by Dulaque, with help from Mr. Drake, as part of a plan to reduce the Library's influence on the magical world. However, they did not appear to know that the Pearl contained the Apple at the time.


  • Influence: The Apple has the ability to turn you into the worst version of yourself.

Whoever holds the apple gets influenced by it. As Eris wanted to avoid magical blowback, the Apple does not change the holder's innate nature, but turns them into the worst possible version of themselves until they are no longer holding the Apple.[1] It is implied that the Apple can access the parts of a person that they are repressing, which may be why Ezekiel is unaffected by it.[2]

When the Apple's influence takes hold, the person's eyes briefly change colour. The eye colour is related to the colours traditionally associated with the Seven Deadly Sins.[2]

Effects on the Librarians[]

  • Jacob Stone turned arrogant and attempted to rearrange a local art gallery while fighting off anyone who tried to stop him. His eyes turned red, for lust, or "desire to possess".
  • Cassandra Cillian started to use her incredible understanding of math to destroy things -- first by efficiently and brutally injuring Lamia, then by trying to cause a cascading power failure across Europe, potentially killing millions. Her eyes turned black, for wrath.
  • Eve Baird and Flynn Carsen both planned to take over the world, initially together before realizing that their goals were incompatible. Flynn then went on a long rant at the conclave, declaring that he could be a god. Eve's eyes turned green, for envy, while Flynn's turned orange, for pride.
  • Ezekiel Jones, while not immune to the effects of the Apple, is substantially unaffected due to him already being the worst version of himself.


The Librarians[]

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