Bennie Konopka is the owner of Fortune Downs Racetrack and Casino


... And the Steal of FortuneEdit

Bennie was a bookkeeper with a gambling problem. When he was on a losing streak at Fortune Downs, each day he would rub the statue of Fortuna wishing for good luck. One day, his wish came true, and the statue came to life as the Roman Goddess Fortuna. He made a deal with her and she gave him good luck, so much so that one day he owned the casino. Fortuna wanted his help in her plan to have humankind ruled by luck, no choice or judgement, just luck. However, the Librarians showed up and started winning, weakening Fortuna. She started to become more and more angry with Bennie as the Librarians won more and more; she started hitting him, causing him to no longer be loyal to her. He helps the Librarians turn Fortuna back into a statue before she is able to succeed in ruling the world through luck.


The LibrariansEdit

Season 4Edit

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