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Magicexpert28 Magicexpert28 28 October 2018

Library Display Cards

This week on The Librarians liquidation auction there appeared a library display card (if that is the correct term) for the theif proof glass, seen in Season 4 Episode 11. I decided to take this image and edit it, so that I had a black diplay card to work with, the hard part of course was gaining the correct font, font size and fade to match the original card - but once I had done that I was able to created a card for every artefact found in the library that would need one! I thought that this would be useful for anybody who has bought themselves an artefact from the online auction, wanting to display it in a similar way to within the show. I've also created a library invitation if anybody wants that - I recommend you print them with card …

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 10 September 2018

Artifacts from The Library on auction

I was looking through the Twitter account for The Librarians and saw that they've been running an auction for props and clothing August 24th and it will run through October 19th. Details are on the VIP Fan Auctions website, with the items being placed for bid through eBay. The page says there's 900 items for sale and they add new items each week.

But looking back further, there was actually an estate sale at the end of July of things like Santa's sleigh, the KPPQ 7 van, hundreds and hundreds of books and the "false fronts" that are just mock-ups of book spines attached together, wood carvings, pictures, posters, furniture and so much more. That sale has ended, but you can still view it at the company's website for the sale.

Even though I can…

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Jiskran Jiskran 12 January 2018

Discussions function

At the suggestion of Wikia staff, I'm activating the Discussions option for this wiki. If anyone feels strongly that this doesn't work/ is a bad idea etc., please drop me a message and explain your objections. Alex Jiskran 22:28, January 12, 2018 (UTC)

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Jiskran Jiskran 11 January 2018

Ideas, please

I'm Alex, and as of January 2018 I'm the new Bureaucrat here on "The Librarians Wiki".

One of my first thoughts is to revamp the Achievement badges, and the concept clearest in my mind is that the Founder has to get a Judson pic. On almost every other front, however, I would really welcome any suggestions anyone else has for moments and characters with tie in nicely with the names and functions of the badges.

Quite honestly, any other ideas people have for how to spruce up and improve the wiki I would love to hear too.

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RobinHolmanBarrett RobinHolmanBarrett 19 October 2017

Rafe's war

Once in a land of tyrants with wings, there was a little village that lived in fear of being taken by divine beasts and machines but there also lived in the land of tyrants, a boy with the abilities of a ninja and assassin. He was a 19 year old boy, he was also a master of the card game that the tyrant masters used to scare his people, but he did not have a deck to use against the tyrant masters. Then one day there came through his village a man who was badly hurt. His name was Sir J. He had a deck that was full of monsters, spells and traps with effects that were amazing. Sir J saw the boy. “Come here boy” yelled Sir J, as he fell to the ground. “Yes” asked the boy. “What is your name boy” asked Sir J. “Rafe” Replied Rafe. “Rafe. Good nam…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 31 October 2015

Season 1 Binge

Tonight, TNT has been showing the three Librarians movie along with commercials for Season 2 of the series, which starts Sunday night. A commercial they just played is for the "Season 1 Binge", which is all the episodes from Season 1. It begins Saturday at 10am and runs until 8pm.

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TheSonofNeptune TheSonofNeptune 24 May 2015

Season 2 expectations

So with Season 2 to begin filming in a few weeks, what exactly is everyone expecting for Season 2? Any myths you'd like to see explored? Monsters and villains you'd like to see, character arcs? Fire off!

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TheSonofNeptune TheSonofNeptune 13 February 2015

Things that need to be done!

Hey guys, thought it would be wise to make a list of things that need to be done here at The Library (our new wiki name).

  • Descriptive Plots on each episode page.
  • Make missing cast pages.
  • Work on the movie section, such as missing movie cast, and characters.
  • Fill in missing bios from episodes.
  • Get 1080p screenshots of images for the wiki.
  • Make pages for artifacts.
  • Make pages for locations.
  • Make template for artifacts, locations, and businesses.
  • Make missing character pages.
  • Add correct quotes to pages.
  • Grammar, spelling, cleanup on articles, as well as minor rewrites.
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Lordandrei Lordandrei 2 January 2015

Congratulations Jalen and Librarian Archivists!

The Librarian's Wiki just hit 100 pages with the addition of a page on Producer Dean Devlin . I wanted to thank Jalen for all the fantastic things he has done and keeps doing to make this such an amzing place for addicted library archivists like us. Personally, I wish I'd discovered the franchise when it was just the films, but now I am admittedly spoiled to be able to get a new adventrue every week. Thank you also to Jalen for giving us a chance to contribute to this. Lordandrei (talk) 00:46, January 2, 2015 (UTC)

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