The Library
The Library

The Clippings book is a magic tome that records all unexplained magical disturbances around the world. The Annex's clippings book is connected to the Library's clippings book. At the end of the first season, Jenkins created smaller versions of the clippings book as graduation presents for Flynn Carsen's new team of Librarians, consisting of Cassandra Cillian, Ezekiel Jones, and Jacob Stone.

Each version of the smaller clippings books will record different magical disturbances, presumably those most compatible with the owner's skillset.


  • It will burst into flames if too many magic-related events happen in a small period of time
  • Ezekiel was able to create a clipping book smart phone app.
  • The clippings book only has the power to warn librarians of new cases. It does not report on old disturbances or ones that have been continuing for a long time. The book does warn about an existing threat if there is a new element added to the situation.
  • The clippings book will also begin to fly if an extremely important case is updated.