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Collins Falls, formerly known as Wardenclyffe Falls, is a small town in upstate New York that was originally established by Nikola Tesla.[1]


Nikola Tesla created the town of Wardenclyffe Falls in order to establish a site to test his prototype Wireless Power Transmitters. He set up a laboratory in a dam facility that served as the source of energy for the transmitter network. In 1915, a test of the power transmitters failed and pushed 87 of town's citizens out of sync with the rest of the universe. In an effort to save the townspeople, Tesla built both a stabilizing system from the power transmitters and a capacitor at the dam which stored energy in order to begin a dimensional reintegration process. In order to protect the town and reintegration system, Tesla was forced to make a deal with the government, exchanging a number of his patents for the safety of the dam and the creation of a new town in the area around the power transmitters.

The new town was formed in 1953, named Collins Falls after one of its founders, Mabel Collins, who survived the initial experiment and acted as the de facto leader of the townspeople. Over the years, she held several leadership positions in the community, including running the town archives, while also using her enhanced longevity to lead the effort to restore the lost citizens. The turbines from the dam continued to charge the capacitor over the course of time, maintained by the original townspeople, who were able to take control of the living residents of the town.

In 2014, the re-integration system began to break down, and the attempts to test it led to reports of mysterious lights in the sky that attracted UFO researcher Victor Finch. When one of the townspeople, Norman, borrowed his body for an extended period of time in hopes of repairing and activating the reintegration system, it drew the attention of the Librarians. While investigating Victor's disappearance, the Librarians learned the truth about the town's past, and attempted to help the Wardenclyffe Falls residents with the reactivation system. Unfortunately, the system had become too unstable to use without putting the entire area at risk of destruction, and Mabel Collins shut it off at the cost of her own life. The townspeople remain out of sync with the rest of the world.[1]


Collins Falls is a small, rural town surrounded by open forest. Although it was supposedly founded in 1953, many of the houses date back to the original Wardenclyffe Falls, giving the town an old-fashioned feel. The power transmitters are a feature of the town, appearing to be antique gas lamps. The small downtown features a popular diner as well as the town archives, which are unusually large for a small town that claims to be fairly recently created.[1]


Known Residents[]

  • Mabel Collins, town founder (Collins Falls), engineer, archivist, notary, volunteer fire chief, treasurer/Chancellor of the Exchequer, and maintenance worker (deceased)
  • Norman, engineer
  • Nikola Tesla, town founder (Wardenclyffe Falls), inventor and engineer (deceased)


The Librarians[]

Season 1[]


  • The town is named after the Wardenclyffe Tower, which was an experimental wireless transmission station where Nikola Tesla conducted his experiments in the early 20th century.
  • Most of the scenes in town were filmed on location in Oregon City, Oregon, although the interior of the town archives are the Portland City Archives.[2] Filming locations included the Oregon City Public Library (which stood in for the Town Hall) and the Willamette Falls Hydroelectric Power Reservoir.


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