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The Library

The Collins Falls Dam, formally the Wardenclyffe Falls Dam, is a dam in Collins Falls and was Nikola Tesla's former laboratory.


In 1915, Nikola Tesla created the Wireless Power Transmitters and used his lab as the source of energy for the circuit. During the test of the wireless power transmitters the citizens of Wardenclyffe Falls were pushed out of sync with the rest of the universe. In order to try and fix his mistake, Tesla built a capacitor at the dam which stored energy in order to begin a dimensional reintegration process. Tesla made a deal with the government saying that they could have some of the patents and build a new town on Wardenclyffe Falls if they agreed to leave the dam alone.

The turbines from the dam continued to charge the capacitor or 100 years. During that time the out sync resident of Wardenclyffe Falls took control of the residence of Collins Falls, by interacting with their nervous system, and maintain the capacitor. The deteriorating caused the mysterious lights in the town.

When the Librarians came to Collins Falls they helped the people of Wardenclyffe Falls attempted to finish fixing to reintegrate themselves into the universe. However the librarians discovered that Tesla’s capacitor could not only destroy the wireless power transfer devices but that also cause a chain reaction that would cause explosions for hundreds of miles. The librarians fried the capacitor to avoid disaster. Later Jenkins and Eve Baird made a plan to build a new capacitor and let it charge for 100 years. They would record the creation of the new capacitor in the library’s Appointment book so future generations of librarians could assist the people of Wardenclyffe Falls.


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