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Conclave in the annex

A Conclave is a gathering of magical factions for arbitration of their needs with regard to each other, overseen by the Library as arbiter. The most recent Conclave took place in 2014 in the Portland Annex of the Library.[1]

2014 Conclave Attendees[]

A number of other magical factions were present but not given names in the episode.

Business Attended To[]

  • Motion to allow Lupin membership for both the Guild of Fictional Entities and the World Crime League on a provisional basis
    • Adopted by majority vote
  • Call for a vote to remove the Librarians as arbiters of the Conclave, put forward by Dulaque
  • Point of Order: Jenkins - Reading of the minutes of the previous conclave
    • The Yalta Resolution of 1123 states that no conclave can begin without first reading the minutes of the previous conclave
    • 2nd amendment of the Wold Newton bylaws. (Section C, Paragraph 9)
      • Due to the inadvertent transition from intercession to Conclave by the arbiter
    • The previous minutes are stored in the annex, Section F, shelf 23
  • Motion to remove the Librarians as arbiters of the conclave
    • Voted down unanimously
  • Previous business included a motion to accept cellular phone technology as a formal branch of wizardry


  • Other groups that didn’t end up making the cut included “the Council of Dolphins” (via speakerphone) and the “Parliament of Babies”.[2]
  • The conclave came about in part because the writers enjoyed the idea of supernatural beings stuck in procedures[3], and partially to escalate the situation between Ezekiel, Jenkins, and Mr. Drake and fill out the scenes in the Annex.[2] It also acted as a way to broaden the magical world beyond the Library.


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