The Conclave being held in the Annex

Conclave in the annex

A Conclave is a gathering of creatures assumed to be immortal for arbitration of their needs with regard to each other. The one known example took place in 2014 ("And the Apple of Discord")


Business Attended ToEdit

  • Motion to allow lupin membership for both the Guild of Fictional Entities and the World Crime League
    • Provisional Basis
    • Adopted by majority vote
  • Call for a vote to remove the librarians as arbiters of the conclave.
  • Point of Order: Jenkins - Reading of the minutes of the previous conclave
    • Yalta Resolution of 1123
    • 2nd amendment of the Wold Newton bylaws. (Section C, Paragraph 9)
      • Due to the inadvertent transition from intercession to Conclave by the arbiter.
    • Stored in the annex Section F, shelf 23.
    • Previous business included motion to accept cellular phone technology as a formal branch of wizardry.
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