"And you live with your mother, and you're okay with that."
—Debra to Flynn Carsen

Debra is the daughter of a friend of Margie Carsen's.


As Flynn was on his way to the bookstore, Debra arrived, as she had been requested by Margie Carsen and her mother to come to their house, as the two mothers were trying to get her and Flynn together. After sitting down in the living room to talk with Flynn, she mentioned that she was a Social Worker and worked with convicted murderers.

When questioning Flynn on his current profession, she makes him realize that he needed to get his life together as he had been spent most of his adult life in college, and still lived with his mother.[1]

Two years later she was engaged with someone from work. Debra and her fiancé (played by director Jonathan Frakes) were on a honeymoon tour bus in Kenya. She met Flynn again who pretended Emily was his girlfriend to conceal the real reason he was there.[2]


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