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The Library

The Devil's Forest is a forest located near Robbie Bender's Team Building Camp.


The Devil's Forest has been kidnapping people for hundreds of years so that it could communicate to humans. 

When Robbie Bender started his Team Building Camp, some of the campers started to go missing. Bender would cover this up as them having left the camp due to caring only for themselves and not the team. Unbeknownst to everyone else they were being abducted by the forest. The Librarians came to investigate and found out what was happening when Jacob Stone was taken. Once they found Stone in the Grandfather Tree, Stone explained that if this tree were to be cut down, all forests in the world would die. The Librarians were then giving the Zero Seed in case the tree were to be cut down so that they could fix what had been done. The Devil's Forest is now under D.O.S.A.'s protection.


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