The Library
The Library

Edward Wilde was the predecessor of Flynn Carsen as the Librarian, and the leader of the Serpent Brotherhood.


Edward Wilde was a librarian and had Nicole as his guardian for 2 years. The two fell in love and had a passionate romance. Edward decided to switch sides and pretended he had been killed by the Serpent Brotherhood. Letting Nicole and his former friends think he was dead, he gave Lana and Rhodes the information to steal a piece of the Spear of Destiny. 

He later followed Nicole and the new Librarian in the jungle and confronted them after they had been captured. Nicole was furious and tried to attack him. Edward prepared to shoot Nicole but Flynn said he would not be able to find the second piece. Realizing he needed him, the group went to the Himalaya and found the second piece at the temple in Shangri-La. However there was a trap activated and Nicole and Flynn escaped with the piece of the Spear. Lana managed to capture Nicole and take the piece. 

Going to the pyramid with the golden point he prepared to piece the Spear together with lots of followers present. Lana dragged a cuffed Nicole with him as he connected the spear in the pyramid. He tested the Spear by killing Rhodes and took his power. He then prepared to kill Nicole; however Flynn burst in and saved her, after which the two fled. Wilde ordered the followers to attack them as he went back in the pyramid. Flynn followed him and the two fought where Wilde had superhuman strength after having absorbed Rhodes' life energy. He told Flynn that he was not as good as him but a spirited Flynn knocked him backwards and pushed him to the center of the pyramid, where he got crushed as the golden top landed on him.


Wilde was a egotistic person who only cared for himself. He betrayed the Library and Nicole, who was heartbroken after she believed him to be dead. He later acted arrogantly towards her and wanted to kill her as she was furious with him. He even killed Rhodes just to test his Spear. He later wanted to kill Nicole with the Spear as well and said they can be together again.

He was highly charismatic as Nicole described him as handsome, strong and with eyes that could see right into your soul.


The Librarian[]


  • Edward Wilde had a snake tattoo on his hand.