The Library

"These books are slices of the ultimate truth. The greatest thinkers of all time...and they speak to me."
—Flynn to Margie Carsen[src]

Flynn Carsen is the current head of the Librarians and the son of Margie Carsen. He was once a perpetual student, earning several academic degrees with no real work experience before becoming the Librarian after the presumed death of the previous one. He is one of the longest-surviving Librarians in history as Judson stated that he survived longer than most even without a Guardian for more than 10 years. He is currently the de-facto and de-jure leader of the Librarians ever since he performed the mystical ceremony in which he officially became the Eternal Librarian like Judson had been before him.


Early life[]

When Flynn was young, his father was shot and killed by a then-unknown assailant in a supposed mugging, leaving his mother Margie Carsen to raise him alone. He was a brilliant student even from a young age, apparently even disputing a thesis of Stephen Hawking's at the age of eight.  In season 3, episode 5, he revealed that he had translated Don Quixote at the age of 12. According to the second film he took clarinet lessons as a child. However, he was not terribly adept at socializing. As he got older, his mother began trying tirelessly to find a girlfriend for him in hopes of helping him have a life outside of academia.

By 2004 he had obtained 22 academic degrees. While in pursuit of another Egyptology degree, he participated in the construction of an exact replica of the Great Pyramid at one twentieth scale, including its long-missing capstone. When Flynn suggested he be switched over as the head of the translations team, Professor Harris informed Flynn that he would no longer be a part of the program as Dr. Harris had already signed off on Flynn's degree at the University. Professor Harris did this to prompt Flynn to "get out there and face the big, bad world" as he was antisocial, already in possession of twenty-two degrees, and needed real-life experience.

Becoming a Librarian[]

Carsen received a mysterious invitation for an interview at the Metropolitan Public Library for the position of librarian. He showed up and saw a huge line of possible candidates waiting for the interview. As it was almost his turn he started to get afraid and tried to leave. The woman from the interview called him and said he had to come. During the interview Charlene did not seem impressed by his skills. Charlene asked him what he can do that other people can not. Flynn observed her and told her she broke her nose as a child and has been divorced recently, as well as owning three cats and specifies all 3 breeds of cat. This impressed Charlene. A mysterious voice asked what is more important than knowledge. Flynn quoted his mom and said that which cannot be learned and only felt. A man appeared out of nowhere and introduced himself as the head librarian Judson. He guided Flynn past several highly secured doors and showed him the library. The library exists out of huge halls containing countless  books and magical items. Judson explained the job of the librarian is to keep these items safe from evil. He also showed him a painting of the last librarian Edward Wilde, and tells a surprised Flynn he got killed. He explained there will be a testing period of six months and if Flynn passes he will be the new librarian.

The next day Flynn went to the library and meets Charlene. It is revealed there were intruders at the library who knocked out Judson and managed to steal the Spear of Destiny. Judson explained that the pieces were spread out to avoid someone getting the whole spear. It is revealed the spear was stolen bySerpent Brotherhood members led by Lana and Rhodes. Charlene and Judson gave a scared Flynn a book with clues to find the other pieces. He also reminded Flynn that his most valuable object was not a tool or book but his mind. 

Flynn boarded a plane and learned the language of the birds which was needed to translate the book. Lana, Rhodes and a group of members tried to capture him. He got rescued by a woman who forced him out of the plane in mid-air. Once they land by parachute, he finds that his rescuer, Nicole Noone, is a Library employee who blames herself for the death of the last librarian but resists any friendly feelings for Carsen.

Nicole and Flynn passed a bridge that broke down and nearly made them fall to their death. Traveling together in the jungle the two became more close and started to like each other more. They got captured by a tribe however Flynn manages to befriend them. The next day the two get tracked down by the group of the Brotherhood. The two then get chased by the Serpent Brotherhood but manage to evade them and find the temple. Dodging some highly dangerous traps they managed to get the book and leave the place. They got captured and it was revealed Wilde had betrayed the library and joined the Serpent Brotherhood. Nicole was furious and he prepared to shoot her. Flynn said he would not help him if he killed her and hereby saved her life, as he was the only one who could read the book written in the language of the birds. The group went to Tibet and found Shangri-La. They managed to trick the brotherhood, get the spear and escape. Nicole ordered champagne at their hotel room and the two spend the night together. The next day both Nicole and the piece of the spear were gone. Flynn contacted Judson and said he is afraid Nicole might have played him and worked with Edward. 

Flynn tried to find them and deduced that the ceremony to reunite the spear pieces will be at a place where a powerful electromagnetic field of 15 on the Schumm Scale is during a full moon. That place is the pyramid with a golden capstone. Flynn got to the pyramid and met Judson there, who was revealed to be all the backup he gets. They see Edward presenting the spear pieces to the numerous followers present. Edward gets in the pyramid to perform the ceremony as Lana forces a handcuffed Nicole to come along. Edward reunites the piece and then stabs Rhodes in the chest and absorbs his energy. Edward then wants to kill Nicole as well. Flynn intervenes just in time and he and Nicole flee out of the pyramid. Edward orders his followers to grab them. Judson appears and he, Nicole and Flynn fight the followers. Flynn gets grabbed by Professor Harris and quickly breaks his nose with a punch. Lana gets Flynn at gunpoint and tries to persuade him to join her side. Nicole disarms Lana and told Flynn to go after Edward as she started to fight Lana. Flynn confronted Edward who threw him around using his inhuman strength as he tried to stab him with the spear. Flynn almost got killed by Wilde but knocked him backwards into the center of the pyramid. Eventually though, Flynn defeated Wilde when the capstone fell on him because of a displaced support stone. Judson and Nicole emerged victorious from their fight against the followers and the three bring the spear back to the library. Charlene and Judson then showed him a painting of Flynn posing with the spear as they tell him he is now the librarian.

Flynn later talked with his mother at a cafe, while she wanted to know more about his girlfriend Nicole. Nicole picks Flynn up with a motorcycle and leaves a impressed Margie behind. Nicole said they had to take back the time machine from the sect The Deadly Scorpions. Nicole smiled as she said twelve Ninja are waiting to kill them. The two playfully looked at each other and take off.

The Mines of Solomon[]

Flynn Carsen, a year after his first mission as the Librarian, has been on many more death-defying missions to protect the world from evildoers, including a trip to Utah to recover a mystical crystal skull. He has moved out of his mother's house into his own apartment. He returns back to the library and has a short sparring session with Excalibur who is training him in combat. His supervisor Judson shows him a new part of the library and tells him he still has things to learn and tells him that "sometimes you have to give up what you want for the greater good" in order to go from being a "good" librarian to a "great" librarian.

Flynn visits his mom and is surprised with his 32nd birthday party. His mom quickly tries to pair him up with a girl that appears to be his cousin. During Flynn's birthday party, his late father's friend, "Uncle" Jerry congratulates him and gives him a picture of Flynns dad Jerry tells Flynn about how Flynn's dad courted his mother. Flynn talks with his mom about his father and how he died at 32. He remembers the "silly bedtime stories" and the amulet his father had, which his mother says came from a secondhand shop.

When Flynn goes home, he discovers that someone has trashed his apartment he calls Judson to help him. He is ambushed and robbed of a scroll he received in the mail that day. He and Judson find out that the scroll is a map containing clues to the location of King Solomon's Mines. Judson tells him that possession of the Book of Solomon, hidden in the mines, will give the reader of it control over time and space, so that the secret must be kept hidden.

Flynn is en route to Morocco, to find part of the key to the scroll among some Roman ruins, where he meets Emily Davenport, an archaeologist who, as it turns out, holds 3 more degrees than Flynn and can argue convincingly about ancient history, Biblical texts, and geography. She refuses him access to the digsite as she believes him to be a rival. Flynn tries to sneak on the dig site at night where she catches him. Flynn explains he is not a rival and is looking for a hidden chamber. Emily is skeptical however Flynn finds the chamber. Flynn and Emily find the piece to the map legend and get attacked by a unknown man trying to kill them. He stops as he spots Flynn his amulet he received from his mom.

The man turns out to be part the brotherhood of the Masons and believes Flynn to be a member as well. The man tells them where to find the remaining part of the map legend. A group of mercenaries break in and the man allows them to escape while he engages the mercenaries. Flynn and Emily manage to escape. Emily, recognizing the code on Flynn's piece as being in the Akon language, insists on coming with Flynn to Gede Province in Kenya. The two have a ride on a honeymoon tour bus and run into Debra, a former date arranged by his mom, with her husband Carl. Flynn pretends Emily is his girlfriend to avoid his mom learning about the real reason he is in Kenya.

After several days' hiking across the Serengeti, Flynn and Emily literally find a man buried up to his neck in sand as punishment for stealing a neighboring tribe's crops. The two quickly dig him out; he insists on being their guide in return. Flynn shows Emily the drawings he made as a child to accompany his father's "silly bedtime stories", his mother having slipped them into his bag. They show scenes of laughing rocks, upside-down valleys, and other fanciful places. Emily, in turn, confides to Flynn her obsession since childhood with the mysterious Queen of Sheba, wife of Solomon.

After several more days of hiking, they finally reach a village. There, as their guide Jomo tells them, a fortune teller can help them. Unknown to them, the fortune teller's shop has been appropriated by the men chasing them. Just as Flynn finds the other piece of the map legend there, Emily sees the enemy coming and they flee. Flynn and Emily run into Flynn's Uncle Jerry, who is in Kenya to pick up some stock for his import-export business, and he hustles them aboard a train on which he has reserved some space. Jerry identifies the pursuers as General Samir and his man. He says General Samir leads a local militia and that they are lucky to have escaped them.

Flynn prepares for dinner and picks up Emily who wears a skimpy Maasai dress. The three have dinner and Jerry reminds Flynn and Emily of how Flynn started arguing with Steven Hawkin when he was just nine years old about his book. Tired Emily decides to go back to her cabin. Jerry and Flynn talk about his father and how he probably had some secrets. Jerry says the amulet was from his father and was passed down from generation to generation.

Flynn checks Emily's cabin to find her tipsily analyzing the Akon code. It turns out to have a connection with the Biblical Song of Solomon. They manage to find out it leads to Three Witches Mountain. The two kiss and then spend the night together. Next morning, Flynn and Emily travel to Three Witches Mountain near Mombasa, and find that the terrain reminds Flynn of his juvenile drawings. Eventually he realizes that his own father must have known about the mines' location and told Flynn stories to plant clues in his memory, giving him the amulet in case he ever needed to guard the secret and enlist the help of other Masons.

With General Samir in pursuit, the two manage to penetrate the caves where Solomon's treasure is hidden. Gold, jewels, and other treasures litter the caverns; a huge head of Queen Sheba, carved out of the stone wall, looms over all. Flynn spots a book resting on a pedestal, opens it, and realizes that this is the book of which Judson told him. As he glances through it, the text seems to be attracted to his hand, beginning to glow in a sinister fashion.

Their pursuers come upon them and drag in a disheveled Uncle Jerry, who begs them to give General Samir the book in exchange for his own life. Flynn complies, only to find that the General and his men work for Uncle Jerry, who wants to turn back time so he can fulfill what he thinks was his destiny; to win Margie Carsen, who he feels was stolen from him by Flynn's dad. It turns out Jerry is the unknown figure who shot Flynn's father, after Carsen refused to tell Jerry about the mines. The mercenaries capture Flynn and Emily and Jerry says he is going to use the book to turn back time and orders Samir to kill them. Flynn and Emily are flung into a pit, which fills with water and features a slowly descending, spike-laden ceiling. Flynn and Emily try to escape however it is not possible and Flynn passes out in the water.

Flynn experiences a vision in which he meets Judson on a white beach where he tells him only he can protect the secrets of Solomon. Flynn wakes up and he finds that he and Emily are being rescued by the faithful Jomo, who has followed them to fulfill his life debt. They see Jerry reading up the spell and attack the mercenaries. Flynn fights his way to Jerry and sees his father appear in the lava while Jerry is reading the spell. Flynn confronts Jerry over the book, wrestling it from him with the incantation unfinished.

As Flynn is about to throw the book into the lava pit, he begins to see visions of his father in the pit. Jerry seizes the chance to try to convince Flynn that they can change time together. Flynn begins to finish the incantation as he thinks about his father. A army of ghosts is circling the place as Emily screams he has to destroy the book. Flynn is not hearing her and keeps reading the spell. Emily uses a reflective spear to shine light on Flynn's amulet, which catches his attention and reminds him of his father's trust. When Flynn throws the book into the lava pit, Jerry jumps after it and falls into the lava. Flynn, Emily, and Jomo flee, as the cave crumbles. The three barely escape the collapsing cave.

Flynn gives Jomo the amulet and tells him he can guard the secret, the two say goodbye.  Flynn talks to Emily and asks if she will be coming back to New York with him, Emily tells him she decides to pursue her search for the Queen of Sheba in Tunisia. He asks if he will see her again and she says he must have a bit of faith. The two kiss and then leave. In a scene reminiscent of Casablanca, Flynn, in a trench coat and fedora, wanders toward his plane, musing, "Of all the gin joints in all the world, she had to walk into mine."

Flynn returns to the library and Charlene tells him his mom asked if he was going to get married. Flynn tells Judson that he threw the book into the lava which he believes was "not very librarian" of him. Judson reminds him that by giving up the chance of seeing his father by destroying the book, he sacrificed what he wanted "for the greater good", and was now a "great librarian". When Flynn asks Judson why he did not tell him about his father's connection with this journey, Judson explains that it was a lesson Flynn had to learn on his own, and Judson is sure that wherever Flynn's father is, he is proud of his son. Flynn asks him if Judson appeared in his vision during his near drowning in the mines. Judson declines but betrays himself and Flynn follows him while he asks how Judson did it. 

The Judas Chalice and Simone[]

In 2008 Flynn travels to an auction house in England in order to bid on a priceless Ming vase on behalf of the Library. During the bidding he gets called by Charlene who warns him about not going over budget. His girlfriend also calls him and reminds him they would meet at the lobby. Distracted by both he angers his girlfriend and goes way over budget as he gets the vase. Once he has signed for the vase, he promptly breaks it open, revealing the philosopher's stone, the most powerful transmutation artifact in existence, known for changing any object instantly into gold. His opponent bidder and henchman ambush him for the stone. Flynn tries to escape but gets chased by the other bidder who uses a antique sword to attack him. Flynn manages to get a saber as well.  Flynn deftly defends the stone by combining historical knowledge and swordplay throughout the auction house, concurrently parrying his opponents' blows while the two debate the pricing of the items within. Flynn recognizes his opponents style and counters it with another sword style from the renaissance to quickly beat him. Flynn races to his hotel lobby, hoping to repair his relationship with his girlfriend, only to find that she has abandoned him after a string of disappointments.  

Flynn returns to the library and Charlene criticizes him for going over budget. The auction house is in dispute over the check that he wrote (ignoring the fact that Flynn touched a throw pillow with the stone, effectively turning it into a 2 million British pound gold piece on his way out), and his suggestion of using the philosopher's stone to pay off the debt is met with resistance since standing policy is that the Library must not profit from its treasures. This exasperates the already frustrated Flynn at the duality of his life. He meets Judson at the Fountain of Youth and explains that while he enjoyed the Library initially, he has come to resent it, now associating each historical treasure with a personal sacrifice made to get it such as mother's birthday or his 10 year school reunion. Feeling that his personal life is suffering and his mental health deteriorating. He mentioned he is not able to keep up relationships and that his best friend is a sword. None of his friends, including JudsonCharlene, and Excalibur (the living sword of King Arthur and his personal coach in swordplay), are able to bring him out of it. Unanimously, the Library staff suggest that Flynn take a vacation, for as long as he needs with some discretionary funding, until he feels ready to return to work. During his short vacation at home, he is encouraged by Charlene to travel just for fun, and she lends him some travel brochures. Haunted by strange dreams, Flynn chooses to go to New Orleans.

Traveling to a converted church turned nightclub, he is charmed by the alluring singer Simone Renoir. He tried to talk to her after the show and she quickly gets him backstage. She reveals to him that she had contacted him through his dreams in his capacity as the Librarian, since she is the guardian of the first marker. While examining it, they are confronted by unknown men. Simone sings and the window breaks which allows them to escape. Escaping over the rooftops they managed to get to safety. Flynn is startled by the unknown attackers however Simone asks him for a night out. Lightheartedly the two have a night of fun and end up kissing and sleeping together. 

The following day Simone is gone and she left a rose behind for him, Flynn goes to a local barbershop and has a brief discussion with Judson, who has appeared in New Orleans to fill him in on the enfolding conspiracy and provide answers about the previous night's attack. The Judas Chalice is the sacrilegious vampire version of the Holy Grail, formed from the 30 pieces of silver given to Judas Iscariot after he betrayed Jesus Christ. Revealing that vampires exist and are evil, Judson advises Flynn to intercept the chalice before the former KGB agent Sergei Kubichek and his men do. In doing so, he also gives Flynn crucial tips about killing vampires: they have an aversion to silver and if they are staked through the heart, it must be with Aspen wood, the tree that Judas hanged himself on. With renewed purpose, Flynn deciphers the clues on the first marker, which takes him to the tomb of Marie Laveau, the "voodoo queen" of New Orleans, and he discovers the second marker, only to be ambushed by Kubichek's men. Once taken into custody, and revealing that he speaks Russian, Kubichek questions Flynn about the marker. Flynn refuses to break under interrogation, claiming that Kubichek will need him to solve the other clues. Kubichek reveals the kidnapped Professor Lazlo to Flynn as the expert guiding his expedition. Flynn not only knows Lazlo, but also greatly admires his work. Flynn reluctantly admits that Kubichek could definitely kill him and find the chalice with only Lazlo's help. In response, Flynn is poisoned with an hallucinogenic compound so that they can blame his death on an accident. Before it kicks in, Flynn escapes his binds (while citing a book on Harry Houdini,) and attempts to release Professor Lazlo. The two examine the second marker and, working in nearly perfect synchronicity, decipher the second marker's clues. Unfortunately, the hallucinogen begins to take effect before Flynn can free the professor, who encourages Flynn to leave without him since his handicap will only slow them down. Flynn flees through a carnival-styled party on New Orleans streets until he is cornered by Kubichek's men. Held at gunpoint with the visions wearing off, he is saved by Simone, who appears and mystically attacks Kubichek's henchmen by turning into mist and demonstrating super-strength. However, one of the men manages to shoot her in the chest with a shotgun blast, and Flynn, believing her to be dead, manages to use one of the fallen pistols to shoot out a gas pipe, strikes his thumb across a packet of matches, and sets the gas on fire. This prevents Kubichek's henchman from getting close and gives Flynn enough time to carry Simone's body outside. After checking her vital signs and believing her dead, Flynn grieves until she rises up next to him. In shock and feeling the after effects of the poison, he passes out. Awakening, he finds himself in Simone's home. She explains that she is a vampire, born in Paris, France in 1603, and turned at age 25. She had been a promising opera singer, deeply in love with a university teacher, until a chance encounter with a vampire changed her. If killed, her soul will never rest until she finds and destroys the vampire who created her, then she can die in peace. Due to her conflicted soul, she chose to guard the chalice from the forces of darkness and aid the monks who hid it in New Orleans, which she has done for two hundred years. As their relationship develops, they agree to work together to find the chalice. Simone also shows Flynn a painting about the Library, before the Crusades. The painting represents the fight of the Library against Evil, and depicts the Scholar, the greatest of the Librarians, believed to have built the Library. The Scholar is using a shield with the symbol that is the Tree of knowledge, and his name is Yahuda (who Flynn says is the Hebrew name for Judson). The following day, Flynn and Simone travel to the chalice's final resting place, a wrecked pirate ship once belonging to Jean Lafitte, with whom Simone had a brief friendship. Finding the chalice in the ship's hold, they are again ambushed by Kubichek and his men with Lazlo in tow. Flynn and Simone are held at bay, then trapped on board while Kubichek gets away with the chalice. Simone is too weak to break them free because she has not fed in over a day. Flynn uses a ship's cannons to blast down one of the doors. After breaking free, Simone steals their boat, abandoning Flynn for his own good and to find Kubichek. Flynn, hurt but nonetheless determined, makes his way back to the mainland and tracks down Kubichek's hideout. Flynn and Simone find the hideout at the same time and confront each other's motives before being captured by Kubichek's men, who are getting ready to perform the resurrection ceremony over the body of Vlad Dracula. With Flynn and Simone secured, and their warnings falling on deaf ears, Kubichek performs the ceremony amidst gusting wind and thunder with no result. The body remains dead. Shocked, no one sees Professor Lazlo take the chalice and drink from it. When he does, he undergoes a dramatic transformation into a powerful, revitalized figure—no longer crippled or handicapped as his leg braces fall off. Kubichek looks on in both shock and disbelief, until Lazlo reveals the truth: the body in the crypt was not Dracula, but a peasant used as a decoy. Lazlo is Vlad Dracula and had been living in secret for centuries. Simone's reaction to him was that of recognition: he was the vampire who turned her years ago. Even so, his handicap was not a lie. During an outbreak of cholera he drank from a diseased corpse, which infected him with the same blood ailment. Though immortal, his power had been almost completely drained and his search for the chalice was an attempt to regain his power. He also reveals that he had been using Kubichek's henchmen for food, simultaneously turning them into a new army of vampires—including Kubichek himself once he attacks—which explained their disappearances throughout the adventure. Kubichek's remaining allies, Flynn, and Simone break away and begin to fight the vampires. As the former KGB agents sacrifice themselves to kill their former comrades, the battle eventually leaves just Simone, Flynn, and Lazlo/Dracula.

Simone shows up just in time to save Flynn who was about to be killed by Dracula. She engages Dracula in a fierce struggle in which the two fly all over the place. Flynn stumbles upon an Aspen tree and creates a stake from it. Dracula is too strong and Simone slowly gets overpowered by her nemesis. Dracula uses a choke to make her pass out and prepares to kill a defeated Simone.

Flynn distracts him with the Chalice and tricks the overconfident Lazlo by pretending he thinks holding the Chalice will give him power over Dracula. When Dracula reaches for the Chalice he kills him with the stake. Lazlo, dying, admits once again that Flynn would have made "one hell of a historian" before dying in a pillar of smoke and fire. Flynn asks Simone to come with him to the library. Simone resigns herself to death. She says she needs to have peace now. Simone says her soul can finally be at peace now that Dracula is dead. Flynn says there is a way for them to be together and asks her to make him a vampire as well, however she simply kisses his neck and says he needs to be who he is now, and fulfill his destiny like she did. She mentions that she always wanted to see the sunrise again, and asks him to join her. The two watch the sunrise, Flynn is struck with grief and Simone tells him she loves him. A emotional Flynn says he loves her as well. Simone says goodbye to him and the two share one final kiss before her body disappears in the sunlight.

Though still hurting from losing Simone, Flynn accepts the truth in the things that she said about living with purpose and passion, and returns to the Library to resume his duties. He gives Charlene the first marker. He starts to read the inscription (which is, "Even into her night, the queen of the Loa guards the cup of the dagger man"), but instead tells her that it says "follow your dreams", (which was her advice to him when she visited him at his apartment and encouraged him to take a proper vacation). With Judson, the two have a brief conversation about the Library's role in the on-going battle between good and evil (with Flynn trying, unsuccessfully, to have Judson admitting himself to be Yahuda/Scholar), and Flynn resigns himself to be a part of that fight without regrets. Unknown to Flynn the Library floor seen from above the pathways/corridors are in the shape of the Tree of knowledge (as seen in Simone's old painting).

The Opal of Sammarrah[]

In 2014 he was chasing the Opal of Samarrah. He found the Opal while the counter-terrorism agentEve Baird was in a firefight with terrorists while defusing a nuclear bomb. The Opal had a trap and Flynn had to disarm it while at the same time helping Eve with defusing her bomb. The trap on the Opal was disarmed by a two part alphanumeric code based on Latin Bible Verses specifically the stations of the cross. After both the Opal and the bomb were defused one of the terrorists got Eve at gunpoint. Flynn told her he had counted the shots and that the guy was out of bullets. Eve knocked the terrorist out and asked him how he can do all of that. Flynn said he is the librarian and then disappeared while her men came in.

New Guardian[]

At the library he got called by Jonas Sheir who said he had valuable information about the Crown of King Arthur. Flynn was surprised he knew him and that he was aware of the library. However Jonas got assassinated before he could tell him anything. 

He spars with Excalibur as he gets introduced to Eve by Charlene. He learns that Eve received an invitation of the library to become his new guardian. Flynn mentions he does not need a guardian and tells Eve she can leave. Eve keeps following him and demanding answers. He explains that there is only one librarian and tells her that Judson has died five years ago after she watches a painting of him. He and Eve try to figure out why Jonas got killed. Flynn mentions he does not know how Jonas knew about the library. They realize he might have been potential librarian ten years ago. They realize he was invited by the library ten years ago, they also discover the candidates from ten years ago are being killed. The two quickly decide to try to find the members that are still alive.

Much to his annoyance Eve insists on joining him. He explains to Eve he prefers to work alone however she says she is her new partner now. They find Cassandra correcting a diagnose in a hospital. They explain to her that her life is in danger and take her to the library. Flynn and Eve then decide to split up as one is in Oklahoma and the other is in Geneva. 

Flynn finds Ezekiel Jones at a museum where he is trying to steal something. Flynn uses magic to take out a assassin dressed as a museum guard that tries to kill him. Ezekiel tries to strike a deal with him as he attempts to steal a antique dagger. Flynn mentions he forgot the motion detectors and the alarm goes off. Ezekiel his escape rouse is blocked however Flynn helps him escape and tells Ezekiel he wants to find out why people want to kill him.  He welcomes Jacob, Cassandra and Ezekiel to the library. He quickly answers their questions explaining Dracula was real until he killed them. Eve explains that they received an invitation ten years ago and that they are now being hunted. They learn Cassandra has a huge tumor in her head. All of them where already being occupied ten years ago. Flynn explains magic was all over the world, however the magic got drained off and stored into artifacts. The technology began to take over and right now there is not much magic left. 

Eve tells that the woman that tried to kill Jacob had a snake tattoo. Flynn explains it is the Serpent Brotherhood and that they want to bring magic back. Flynn explains that magic can be dangerous and that humans can destroy the world if they decide to use it against each other. The team finds out Jonas Sheir had a picture of a painting with King Arthur in his bag when he got killed. The team finds out the painting is in a museum in Munich, and the potential librarians were getting killed to avoid someone finding it out. Flynn wants to travel alone. However the team and Eve want to investigate it as well. 

The group goes to Munich and find the painting they quickly see that King Arthur was a legionnaire. Flynn deduces the painting is a clue to where the Crown of King Arthur is stored. The group travels to the location with a car. They walk the rest as the Serpent Brotherhood flies over with a helicopter. Eve asks why they do not have a chopper and Flynn says Charlene budgets them. Flynn and Eve talk and they realize they are similar in certain things as they both the travel the world and find dangerous objects, while their friends and family are not aware of their jobs. They find a small version of stonehenge. Eve says she will stall the Serpent Brotherhood and Flynn says she should take Ezekiel with her.

Flynn, Cassandra and Jacob find out the exact location can only be learned on a certain day. Cassandra does the calculations in her head helped by Jacob. They find a hidden vault in one of the stones. Flynn makes a improvised fire-torch so Jacob can open it. Flynn then runs off to help Eve. He arrives just in time to save a defeated Eve from being killed by Lamia. He prepares to engage her in a sword fight while she wields a katana and he just a crowbar. The chopper explodes and they quickly run away. They get the crown out of the vault and escape. 

They put the crown in the library where Charlene compliments them. Ezekiel asks what he did the first time and he tells them he recovered the Spear of Destiny and saved the world. He explains that he became librarian after the previous librarian died. The alarm goes off and Flynn realizes someone led them in. He tells them to find Charlene as he grabs Excalibur to find the crown. He sees the crown is gone and Lamia comes in as she seemingly holds Cassandra hostage. Cassandra is is seen holding the crown and explains she opened the library because the Serpent Brotherhood can save her. Flynn engages Lamia in a sword fight. Lamia uses the crown to take control of Excalibur and stabs Flynn in the abdomen. Lamia and Cassandra leave as two henchman prepare to kill him. Eve knocks them out and the group regroups trying to find Charlene. The library starts to fold up and Flynn says they have to flee as the chain is broken. They manage to escape through a door and end up in a forest. Flynn and Eve both deduces they are in Oregon. Jenkins picks them up and brings them to the Annex. Jenkins explains he works for the library and tests artifacts for the library. Flynn says the stab wound will not heal as it got inflicted by Excalibur. He looks around for Charlene and Judson who are gone. Flynn blames himself that the library is gone, that they killed of potential librarians and that he should have seen it coming. Eve visits him as he is reading a book. He says they should try to get back to the library because they have tools there they can use against the Serpent Brotherhood. Eve says so far he only has been using his brain to solve matters. And she realizes he first was only reading books and that Judson and Charlene made him the person he was. Flynn says he will die by the wound and Eve and he realizes they need to act. Flynn realizes Lamia called Excalibur a key. They realize they will put it back in the stone to bring magic back to the world. The team deduces the stone is in Lodinium/London. 

The team gets to London and realizes the stone is in the tunnels underneath Buckingham Palace. They use Eve her contacts as a NATO colonel to get in. Investigating the palace they find a secret door. Ezekiel distracts the guards and they get in the tunnels. They see Lamia putting Excalibur in the stone and try to make a plan to stop her as she controls Excalibur with the crown. They find Cassandra locked up in a cell and free her when she wants to help them. Cassandra helps them and they design a plan to distract them and then take the crown. Eve engages the operatives as Lamia goes for her katana. Flynn confronts Lamia while wielding a club. He attempts to fight her however she knocks him down and taunts him that he and his fake librarians can not stop her. The group activates a electromagnet that pulls the crown of her head and Flynn grabs it. Lamia tries to stab him however he now controls Excalibur who blocks the strike and then knocks her out. Excalibur is losing magic and Flynn says Cassandra should use the last of its powers to heal herself. However Cassandra uses the magic to heal the wound of Flynn just as he is about to die. Excalibur then loses its power. At the Annex Flynn thanks them as the group is about to leave. The group is hesitant as they now know magic is real. Jenkins says the Library is adrift and is lost. Flynn talks to Judson who appears in the mirror. Judson explains the library is intact and Charlene is alive and in the library. Flynn says he never had a father and that is going to find the library. Judson says there is a huge amount of magic in the world now and that he has to guard it and find the library at the same time. Judson then disappears. Flynn goes to the group and says they are now librarians in training and they will be guarded by Eve while he will search for the lost library. He explains to a complaining Jenkins his new plan is to slowly introduce them and try to avoid getting killed like all the previous librarians. The group agrees. Flynn and Eve talk and Flynn says they are the future if anything happens to him. The two share a kiss and then Flynn leaves on his search for the library. 

Preventing the Dragon Apocalypse[]

During his search for the library Flynn learns that the Eastern dragons are angered by the stealing of something. He travels back through the door to the Annex to learn that Eve and the team are already working on it. Flynn comes in and explains that dragons live underground and sleep 90% of their lives, however they can wreak havoc when angered. Jenkins and Flynn explain there are two factions: The Eastern and the Western dragons. He explains that something might have been taken and that the dragons can destroy the world if they do not get it back. Flynn explains a representative of the Eastern Dragons:Mr. Drake will be here any minute.

Eve complains that he cannot just burst in and start to give orders as it undermines her authority towards the librarians. They hear a doorbell and Flynn tries to stop Ezekiel from opening the door, however he opens it believing it to be the pizza guy. Mr. Drake says Ezekiel is the spokesperson for the library as he spoke to him first. The team manages to get Jenkins involved as he can help Ezekiel negotiate with Mr. Drake.  Flynn explains to Eve and the team the Western Dragons have a stronghold in Rome and that they might have hidden the stolen pearl there. The team prepares to go to Rome to get the pearl back in a repo job. Eve says she needs Jones, however Flynn says he is stuck to do to the negotiations. Flynn and the team use the magical door to get to Rome and end up in the Vatican. They see the pope and quickly get out as the cops chase them. Flynn and the team look for a puzzle that shows the entrance to the dragon stronghold. On the square Cassandra recognizes a pattern of stones and steps on them to activate a door. The team enters the space and finds a room where the pearl is stored. The room is booby trapped and arrows are shot at anything that makes a sound. The team manages to get the pearl which stops the traps from shooting. Jacob picks up the pearl and locks the team up in the room with a trapdoor before walking away with a strange light in his eyes. The team walks through a tunnel while Eve and Flynn argue about his actions. They encounter a dragon who tells them he did not steal the pearl, Flynn tells Eve the dragon cannot lie so someone framed them. Eve asks the dragon to let them out. Escaping the tunnel they find Jacob at a museum fighting guards because he did not like the way the paintings were ordered. In the fight Jacob drops the pearl and it breaks open and reveals a golden apple. Eve convinces the guards to leave with her ATO badge, as Flynn checks out Jacob. Cassandra picks up the apple and her eyes light up.  Cassandra disarms Eve and shoots into a fire extinguisher after which she runs away. The guards and the police get attracted to the shot and confront Eve, Flynn and Jacob. Eve talked to the police and the museum staff, she returned to Flynn and Jacob and told them they better not give Ezekiel that apple. The group then started to look for Cassandra. Flynn and the group find the recovering Lamia who got crippled and knocked out by Cassandra. Lamia says Cassandra is going to the power-plant. They find her as she is preparing to use the power-plant cause a cascade failure of electricity through Europe.  They manage to make her pass out by asking about the number pi. Eve and Flynn pick up the apple together and become evil. They want to take over the world but first find a penthouse to sleep together. They end up in a argument about who is in charge and Eve punches him, which makes Flynn lose the apple. Eve draws a gun on him, however Lamia attacks her from behind and takes her down. Lamia pins Eve down and prepares to stab her with a tanto. Flynn takes her tanto as he holds the apple. He threatens them as he shouts he should be a god. Eve tries to calm him down however he offers her to join him as he will rule the world, he then says she should show more skin and then disappears through the magical door back to the Annex. Eve and the group follow Flynn through the magical door and end up in the [[[conclave]] of the faction tribe heads and Dulaque talking about the faith of The Library. Flynn chases Eve and the Librarians  out of the room and starts to insult them while claiming he can take them all on. Eve and the team manage to let [[[Ezekiel Jones|Ezekiel]] steal the apple from Flynn, who then manages to de-escalate the situation and recover the faith of the faction heads in the library. Flynn later talks to Eve and offers her a contract which will sign her over from NATO to the library. He explains he did not wanted her to be alone after he recruited her and plunged her into all this. He says she did a great job with the librarian. Flynn says he will stay with them if she wants, however Eve says he should go look for the library as she knows he believes he can still find the library. They share a kiss after which he suddenly disappears. 

The Loom of Fate[]

Flynn finds out a way that could possibly bring back the library. He sends the librarians to retrieve a sarcophagus from a pyramid. He shows up in time to save them from the mummy's guarding the tomb. They take the sarcophagus to the Annex as he informs them about that they could use the interdimensional door used by the pharaoh's to get the Library back. 

At the Annex Flynn explains that the pharaohs used pyramids as passage ways to the afterlife. Jacob is skeptical about a doorway to heaven inside pyramids. Jenkins explains a doorway like they have to other dimensions. Cassandra calculates it but gets confused as the space is to big and even bigger then the labyrinth. Her nose starts to bleed and Ezekiel helps her. 

Jenkins mentions this door might give them access to the space where the library is floating and they can anchor it backwards to them. Jacob mentions they can use the ball of rope from the labyrinth and the magical app from Morgan Le Fay to help get back the library. 

The group prepare to bring back the library using the story book they found before. It is working and Flynn says Jenkins was right about the pyramids however Jenkins says he never send him any notes. Flynn is confused and suddenly there becomes smoke out of the sarcophagus. The group weakens by the smoke and falls to the floor as they are unable to move. Dulaque walks in and explains that they did all the work for him. He says this will not just change the world but will end it. Lamia follows him as she covers her face for the smoke. Dulaque says they will use a blood sacrifice after which Lamia grabs Flynn and prepares to kill him. Dulaque quickly stabs Lamia in the back which makes her fall surprised to the floor. She seems shocked by his betrayal as she mentions she loved him. Dulaque mentions it was necessary as Flynn holds a collapsed Lamia. Eve and Flynn quickly chase Dulaque through the door as he leaves.

They end up in a river while Dulaque stands on the shore looking at a loom. Flynn says this is the river of time and that is the loom of fate. He screams against Eve that she has to stop him. Dulaque stabs into a certain place of the loom and the loom starts to glow. 

Eve finds herself in a forest with Flynn. Flynn has no memory of Eve and does not know who she is. They get captured by soldiers. The soldiers check their papers as Flynn mentions he is a professor. Eve and Flynn get saved by a masked martial artist. He removes his mask and it is revealed to be Jacob. He kisses Eve, causing her to walk away saying "nope, nope nope". Jacob talks with Flynn who knows nothing about magic and is just a professor. Eve grabs Flynn and talks to Jacob who turns out to be the librarian. Jacob explains she died before. They learn that Jacob became the librarian and Flynn never showed up for the interview. Eve explains that where she came from Flynn was the librarian. They manage to find mystical stones. Eve asks how she died and Jacob explains she died as she tried to prevent Delaque from taking the library. Jacob tells Eve that without the Serpent Brotherhood their control the magic becomes wild magic and technology is failing and wars are breaking out. He is finding magical artifacts to keep them safe. Flynn spots a pattern in the pine trees around the stones. With his knowledge they find out how they can use the stones for teleportation. Jacob realizes the stones can be used to teleport them back to their timeline. He powers them up and makes them teleport away as the soldiers close in on him.

Flynn and Eve get into a building where Flynn starts to freak out about how he just got teleported. Ezekiel appears and explains it was magic. Flynn asks who he is and Ezekiel says he is the librarian. Ezekiel explains they move between parallel universes each with minor differences. Even asks if they were lovers and Ezekiel says she was like a mother to him. Ezekiel tells that she died the day that Dulaque tried to take the library. Ezekiel says that they can help him with his ghost problem. He explains that the killer in the magical house made a wish and that ghosts are now possessing people. Most of the human population is now controlled by ghosts. Flynn freaks out about the situation. Eve asks him why he did not respond to the letter he received from the library. Flynn explains he was comfortable at the university and it was just a twist of a loom of fate. Eve realizes Dulaque cut the fabric and that way he cut history. They hear a noise and decide to investigate as Eve tells him he is the librarian even though he does not know it. 

The ghosts break in the building and take over an employee while another one escapes and informs Jones. Ezekiel asks Flynn for help who tells them that they can use bionic force and assuming magic is real he can overload the spirit energy. Ezekiel is confused and Eve realizes Ezekiel is not skilled in history and that Flynn fills up that blind spot. Ezekiel and Eve hold off the ghosts and Flynn activates the system. The ghosts get hit with the energy and get forced out of the bodies they possess. The freed people cheer as Ezekiel thanks Flynn and says that he used magic to save the world. Flynn is confused about magic but Ezekiel says he will get used to it. Eve and Flynn slowly start to disappear. Eve tries to convince Flynn it is because of the timeline but Flynn says he does not believe it. Ezekiel says it was good seeing her again and that it was good that she brought Flynn to save the world, like it was fate. The two then disappear. 

Eve and Flynn appear in a rusty building and they smell something strange as they suddenly see a dragon flying over. Excited Flynn announces he believes in magic now. Eve says they got rid off the dragons, however Flynn gets hit in the neck with a dart. Flynn passes out as Lamia sneaks up on Eve and subdues her. Lamia orders two men to bring the two to the boss. 

Eve and Flynn wake up while they are tied down on chairs. Lamia asks them who they are as Eve can not be Eve because Lamia watched her die. Eve kicks Lamia away and knocks out the men watching her. Lamia and Eve prepare to fight as they suddenly get stopped by Cassandra. Cassandra frees Flynn as she mentions he is not from around here. She welcomes Eve and assures her she was nothing like her mother. Cassandra and the group walk through the building as the people present bow for her. Cassandra mentions she wish they do not honor her, but Lamia says they owe it to her as she saved them from the dragons. Lamia explains to Eve she is Cassandra her guardian after Eve got killed. Cassandra realizes they are skipping through alternate timelines and says Morgan Le Fay warned her for that. Seeing a picture of the timeline Eve says she saw Dulaque cut the timeline. Lamia says she killed Dulaque after he killed Eve. She tells that she knew Cassandra was the chosen one after she found Excalibur. Eve says that in her timeline Dulaque wanted to go back to the time of Camelot. Flynn explains that the timeline will restart from where you cut it. Cassandra explains Dulaque wanted history to restart at the height of his power and the power of magic. However he cut it but did not reweave it so the fabric of history became frail. Cassandra continues that Eve and Flynn skip from thread to thread while each contains another path they could have taken. Eve asks how Cassandra can control all this magic. Cassandra explains that when her brain tumor grew she used magic to save her life. Cassandra says history will continue to unravel until all time is undone. Cassandra says she lost and that she will evacuate this world as Morgan Le Fay thought her how to open doors. Flynn tells her she should not give up as the others also did not give up. Cassandra says he is a librarian and Flynn says he could be, and that he would have become one if he could choose again. Flynn says they could reweave the threads again. Cassandra says they need something powerful and Eve says they can use the rope of the labyrinth. Eve searches the Annex as Cassandra mentions to Flynn he cares for her but that no matter what she will die in the end. Flynn realizes they can rewind the threads again like a rope, however they need the librarians from all three universes to make it work. The three librarians work together and transport the group back to the world of Eve. Cassandra says they can go through the doors and that they can reach the loom of fate. Eve gets the ball of rope and a sword and she and Flynn thank the group and go through the doors. Flynn stops and says that if they rewind the threads their lines will cease to exist and they will be gone. Jacob says it was an interesting line. The librarians say a life of mystery, misery, loneliness and adventure and the chance to save the world every week. The group says goodbye as Eve and Flynn go to the loom of fate. 

Flynn is busy with the loom as a  young version of Dulaque shows up and knocks down Eve and Flynn. Dulaque explains that he was like this during the time of Camelot. He says it was a perfect world with one king and magic. He then stabs Eve in the chest and she collapses to the floor. Shocked Flynn grabs the sword and tries to fight Dulaque. Dulaque easily beats him and says there is only one swordsman his equal. As he tries to kill Flynn he gets blocked by Jenkins who drives him back. Dulaque tries to convince Jenkins but he says that it was the fate of Camelot to fall. Dulaque tries to fight his way past Jenkins as Flynn rewinds the threads. Jenkins easily holds him off while Dulaque tries to convince Jenkins that people need to be ruled by kings. Jenkins says the time of kings is over and that the people should be able to rule themselves. The Loom recovers and Dulaque disappears while Flynn becomes himself again (the version of him being the librarian). Flynn says there must be another option as he lifts up Eve. Jenkins, Eve and Flynn go back to the Annex where the rest is. Flynn uses the storybook to get the library back. Opening the doors they see the library is back again. Flynn uses a magic potion to revive Eve just as her heart stopped beating. Flynn says he does not believe in faith. The group looks at the Library as Flynn says it feels like home. 

Flynn tells the group they are now graduating and they can do mission on their own. Eve hands them small versions off the clipping book so they can get their own missions. Eve ensures them they will be fine as she has seen them all in alternate futures. Ezekiel says he can use a break and Jacob says he would like to visit his family again. Cassandra says she would like to try a case and opens the book. She says she goes to Lima and Jacob and Ezekiel decide to tag along. 

Flynn and Eve talk and she says she got to see him as he was without being the librarian. The two open the clipping book and it shows a gigantic disaster is about to happen. As they prepare to leave Flynn asks her for a date as they are going to engage a disaster. Eve jokes that this is his idea of a date. The two smile and then leave through to the door together. 

The Book[]

After retrieving an item from a volcano, Flynn and Eve return to the Library to find the clipping book sending them to New York where they find the other librarians sent for different items. Finding that a fictional by the name of Moriarty was gathering items to help his master, Prospero, undo his ending to The Tempest where he lost his magic. He reclaims his book and has his servant Ariel create a hurricane. Flynn uses the library's sun to dispel the hurricane saving New York.

The Broken Staff[]

Back in the library Flynn and the others are thinking of ways to stop prospero eventually deciding to go and find the pieces of prosperos staff while leaving the other librarians behind to man the homefront however when they arrive at the location of the staff pieces they only find a cryptic note saying that the staff pieces are at the library meanwhile prospero and James Moriarty break into the library to make a new staff from the tree of knowledge which is at the library's heart Flynn and eve return to the library and trick prospero into thinking the tree was destroyed causing him to flee shortly after this it was discovered that several of the library's artifacts had gone missing causing Flynn to go after them while leaving eve and the others to deal with prospero on there own.

The Hallow Men[]

Flynn met eve again when they were both trying to recover the eye of Zarathustra the first of the library's missing artifacts to appear on public display then they were both knocked out by the flutes of pan When Flynn awoke he was being held prisoner by Ray Glasney in a room filled with all the library's missing artifacts meanwhile eve and the others wake up and return to the library were Flynn sends them a message using Chinese calligraphy Glasney discovers this and smashes the communications pendant eve then tries to find Flynn instead finding the missing artifacts forcing eve to team up with Moriarty in order to find Flynn meanwhile Flynn teams up with ray in order to find the staff of Zarathustra eventually they use the eye to find the temple of Zarathustra followed closely by eve and Moriarty Flynn finds the staff and gives it to ray restoring his memory however the knowledge begins to kill him forcing him to give Moriarty the staff while ray was taken back to the library and merged with it.

The Happily Ever After[]

Flynn Carsen has returned from another adventure only to discover that Jenkins has no memory of the librarian or eve and then the clippings book activates sending him To Cicily Washington where he finds the librarians as well as Moriarty all of whom are now living perfect versions of there lives he also meets Ariel who tells him that prospero has trapped the librarians in there happily ever afters and the only way to stop it is for them to renounce there happily ever afters Flynn then gathers the librarians and convinces them to give up there happily ever afters breaking Prospero's spell.

The Final Curtain[]

Prospero has used his magic to turn the world into a forest. As a result Flynn and Eve travel back in time in order to stop him, forcing Prospero to send Moriarty after them. Meanwhile Jenkins and the others discover a message Flynn sent them from the past, leading them to a collection of Shakespearean artifacts. Meanwhile Flynn and Eve have arrived in the past along with moriarty who attempts to kill Shakespeare causing him to be arrested. Shakespeare then gives Flynn and eve parts in his newest play called "the triumph of prospero". During the rehearsal Shakespeare turns into Prospero and is possessed by his own creation. Flynn and Eve then free Moriarty and attempt to stop Prospero resulting in Moriarty's death. Eve then proceeds to drown Prospero's book while Flynn breaks Prospero's staff using Excalibur causing Prospero to be powerless for centuries in the present. Jenkins uses the Shakespearean artifacts to summon Prospero and then he banishes him back into his story freeing Shakespeare who then travels back to 1611 using a paradox portal. Back at the library Cassandra finds a statue of Flynn and Eve which suddenly turns into them. They then explain that they had Shakespeare turn them into a statue and send them to the library where they would be awoken in 500 years by the sound of Cassandra's voice.

The Rise of Chaos[]

Flynn and the others have just returned from another death defying adventure when the clipping book explode. They piece together enough of it to discover that they need to go to a science museum in Boston. After arriving they discover that Apep the Egyptian God of chaos has escaped his imprisonment. He attempts to release pure evil but is stopped by the Librarians and forced to flee. Shortly after this, Flynn and the others are attacked by "D.O.S.A." a government group tasked with hunting magic who tries to arrest Flynn and the others. However they escape and leave D.O.S.A. empty handed

The Fangs of Death[]

after having an apocalyptic vision Flynn and eve track down Charlene who agrees to return to the library after learning of apep's return the next day Flynn and eve find Charlene has gone Flynn returns to the library and rewires the back door to locate people instead of places Flynn and the lits go through the door and end up in a particle collider in Alberta where apep has resurrected Anubis who has turned most of the staff into werewolves including Ezekiel before Flynn is able to send Anubis and his werewolves back to the underworld Flynn then departs in search of Charlene


Flynn was socially awkward earlier and had the habit to fall back in reading books and studying. He had some trouble getting out in the real world and seemed to consider studying as his comfort zone. This was shown as he was devastated when professor Harris signed of his degree and told him to get out in the real world. 

When first confronted with the dangerous tasks of the Librarian Flynn was poor at it and doubtful of his own abilities. However through the quest for the Spear he recognized he was good at applying his knowledge in practical matters. His confidence grew as he saved the world by retrieving the Spear of Destiny and he got in a relationship with Nicole

Over the years Flynn became more confident in his own abilities but was still haunted by the early death of his father who he barely got to know as a child. He was shown to be a bit off as he encountered a woman that actually had more degrees then him. He was surprised as Jerry , who he trusted a lot, turned out to be the man that killed his father. His desire to get to know his father almost made him fulfill the spell from Solomon. However he got reminded by that his father wanted to avoid that and he did not do it. 

Over the years Flynn developed son-father relationship with Judson as the latter acted as a mentor to him and taught him valuable lessons for his life and the tasks as the Librarian.

In 2008 Flynn began to doubt about his life and how his tasks as the Librarian drained his social life. Losing his girlfriend and being unable to get a normal life he started to think about quitting his job at the library. Doubtful he went on a vacation to New Orleans. Meeting Simone Renoir he learned that she was a vampire and helped her save the world by stopping Dracula. In the process the two fell in love however when Dracula was killed Simone decided it was time for her to leave this world. Flynn was shocked and even asked her to turn him into a vampire. Simone convinced him her job was fulfilled however he had to stay who he was to fulfill his. The two shared a final kiss before she disappeared in the sunlight. 

Reinforced in his belief Flynn kept working as the Librarian. The combination off skills made him highly proficient and Judson mentioned that it was extraordinary he had survived for ten years, most of the time without a guardian.  He later met Eve while he was figuring out why Jonas Sheir was killed while trying to contact him. The two figured out the Serpent Brotherhood was killing potential Librarians. They managed to save three potential librarians however the library got invaded by Lamia. This resulted in Flynn getting stabbed and Judson and Charlene breaking the chain with the library to keep it from the Brotherhood. Mortally injured Flynn started to read books again in an attempt to get back the library. Eve reminded him that his mind was his greatest asset. Motivated he managed to partially foil the plans of the Brotherhood.

Flynn cared deeply for others as he even offered Cassandra the chance to heal herself while he was on the verge of dying. After getting to know Eve the two realized they had a lot in coming and kissed each other while they obviously felt attracted to each other.

When under the influence of the Apple of Discord he became extremely selfish and arrogant. He started to talk that he could be a god. He was still attracted to Eve as he offered her to help him while they would have all the power in the world. He considered his life as a Librarian wasted as he could use his knowledge and the artifacts to rule the world.

After pass 7 years without any partner (the last one was Simone), Flynn became a selfish and pride person, keep trying to resolve the problems all by himself, without any help of the other librarians. Every time that a huge problem is resolved by the complete Librarians team, Flynn suddenly disappears, leaving Eve, Jacob, Cassandra and Ezekiel deal with "the small problems". The main reason was because he was afraid to put Eve and the other Librarians at risk, since if something happens to him, they are the future. But, in season 3, after traveling to Looking Glass Rabbit Hole, Flynn shows the real reason: He was afraid to approaching people and getting hurt again, as all his partners left or died. After passing the Teddy Chislington trial and coming back to The Library, Flynn promises Eve that he won't run anymore and, since then, he stays with the team to help the them as much as possible.

Abilities []

  • Polymath/Genius-level Intellect: Flynn is, effectively, a polymath, highly intelligent and resourceful. A nerdy bookworm, Flynn is brilliant beyond compare. By the time he was 31 years old Flynn had obtained 22 academic degrees: 12 Bachelors, 6 Masters, and 4 Ph.D.s.  These included four in Egyptology, a Ph.D. (or two) in Comparative Religions, a Ph.D. in Cryptology, and "degrees in every language you can imagine."  Season 3, episode 5 reveals that two of his Ph.D's are in 15th, and 17th Spanish Literature. His years of study also have made his powers of observation and deductive skills highly developed. His ordinary skills include knowledge of the Dewey decimal system, the Library of Congress, research paper orthodoxy, web searching, and the ability to set up an RSS feed. En route to his first mission, Flynn managed to decode the previously untranslated Language of the Birds in just over seven hours, a feat that no other Librarian (save one, who created the book) had been able to translate. After becoming the Librarian he has experienced countless dangerous adventures and has become highly proficient in using his knowledge to deal with the magical artifacts. In fact, his accumulated knowledge rivals the knowledge of Cassandra, Jacob, and Ezekiel combined.
  • Master Swordsman: Flynn is shown to be a master swordsman as he was trained by Excalibur itself and engaged in regular sparring sessions. He is also knowledgeable of different sword fighting techniques as he can easily recognize his opponent's style and counteract it.
  • Multilingual: Flynn is shown to speak fluent Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Latin and Greek, and has a working knowledge of Arabic, Hebrew, Mayan, and Spanish. Also rediscovered the language of the Birds.
  • Formidable Survival Skills: According to Judson it is extraordinary Flynn has survived as a Librarian for ten years, even more impressive was that he did not have a guardian during most of this period. Flynn is usually calm under pressure and uses his vast knowledge to survive highly dangerous situations and fulfill seemingly impossible tasks.
  • Escapism Specialist: Flynn knows all the handcuffs types and how to rid of them, claiming that none cuff can hold him. He also knows some rope escapism techiniques, after reading Houdini's books.
  • Skilled Hand-to-hand combatant: Flynn was a poor fighter at first and often resorts to his wit and cleverness to defeat much stronger opponents. His experience as the Librarian gave him considerable experience in fighting but prefers to fight with a weapon in hand because his usual training with Excalibur usually involves weapons or still use his vast intellect to outsmart his opponents. He is also knowledgeable in pressure-point fighting as he was shown to be using it to incapacitate a 17th century guard when he and Eve travelled back in time to retrieve Prospero's staff.

Flynn also has displayed active use of magic.

Uses of magic[]


"The fate of the world is in my hands, that is just so… sad."
—Flynn to Judson and Charlene.


  • Flynn is a reduced angelicized form of Gaelic Ó Floinn 'Descendant of Flann',a by name meaning 'reddish,ruddy'
  • Carsen is a variant of Carson,a mostly Scottish surname meaning son of marsh dwellers


  • During the first film Flynn is 30 years old.  He celebrates his 31st birthday in the second film, and states he is 33 years old in the third film.
    • According to the second film Flynn's birthday is in April
    • Flynn is approximately 40 years old during the first season of the tv series.
  • According to his mother, Flynn was 16 years old in college, meaning he started when he was 15.
  • Flynn is ambidexterous as shown in Episode 10 of Season 2 (... And the Final Curtain) when he writes in cursive with his left hand to leave a message for his future self to find.
  • He attended Sunday School in his youth.
  • He previously took clarinet lessons before becoming the Librarian.
  • Cassandra Cillian calculated his IQ to be about 210.
  • He has been romantically involved with at least two of his previous Guardians.
  • He has at last count 12 Bachelors Degrees, 8 Masters Degrees and 2 PhDs; four of these degrees are in Egyptology and one of the Masters is in Comparitive Religions.
  • He has a vast knowledge in chemistry, being able to create a solder using a oxygen tank, cucumber and ham, or make a columb explosion using water canteen, aluminum paper, marble urn and baker's yeast.
  • Flynn can give the exact coordinates of where he is located just using the position of the sun during the day or the star constellations at night.
  • He claims to have read hundreds of books on making love and has memorised the Kama Sutra.
  • He can recite any work of Shakespeare off by heart.
  • Flynn read all the Houdini's books and learned how to escape of ropes and even some hypnosis techiniques, being able to control around 140 passengers of a plane at once.
  • It seems that Flynn knows how jump through space and time without any artifact, but he gradually stopped to used this "spell" after the Back Door start to work.

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The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice X
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Season 1 X X - - X - - - - X
Season 2 X X - - X - - - X X
Season 3 X X - - - X X X X X
Season 4 X X X X X X - - - - - X


  1. And the Crown of King Arthur
  2. And the Crown of King Arthur