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The Genie's Lamp is a magic artifact imprisoning a powerful djinn. It is capable of granting wishes, but the djinn gets more powerful with every use and seeks to escape.[1]


Many centuries ago, the Lamp was used to imprison a powerful rogue Djinn called the "Nameless One". Used by Aladdin to obtain wealth and power, the Lamp was sealed away when he realized that the Djinn inside was growing more dangerous.

Found by Flynn Carsen and Dr. Shirin Masri in 2006, the Lamp was thought lost for good when Flynn used the genie's own wish-granting abilities to make it "lost forever" in order to keep it out of the hands of The Forty, a centuries-old criminal syndicate intent on using its power for their own gain.[1]

It was briefly mentioned by Jenkins while he was trying to narrow down the artifacts that could be causing fairy tales to come to life in the town of Bremen, but he dismissed it, saying "it's never the Genie's Lamp".[2] This was because he knew of Flynn's efforts to take the Lamp out of commission, and assumed that the Lamp was no longer active.[1]

However, when magic returned to the world, the Lamp was drawn out again. This time it washed up on a beach in Santa Barbara, where it was found by a down-on-his-luck gambler named Gus Dunphy. He used the Lamp to wish for better luck, but drew the attention of The Forty, as well as the new generation of Librarians. Although the Librarians successfully retrieved the Lamp, they were forced to turn it over to Mark Krieger, the First of the Forty, in exchange for Eve Baird. Due to Eve breaking his larynx, Krieger was unable to use the Lamp. Cassandra Cillian held the Lamp together for just long enough to wish that the Djinn inside had "unlimited imagination", destroying the Djinn by overwhelming him with possibilities as the Lamp crumbled.[1]

Abilities and Characteristics[]

The Lamp is a beautifully carved jade lamp of Chinese origins, as it is in the earlier versions of the story of Aladdin.

When rubbed, the Lamp releases the Djinn trapped within it, who will grant the person holding the Lamp wishes.[1]


The Librarians[]

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