Golden Axe Food Company
Golden Axe Food Company
General Information
Official name Golden Axe Food Company
Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Boston

The Golden Axe Food Company was an agricultural company that used a magical Labyrinth to feed people to the Minotaur.


Using these sacrifices they were able to make the company flourish. The company has existed for over 3000 years and uses the Minotaur for success. Karen Willis modernized the process by feeding interns throughout the year.[1]

Known employeesEdit


The LibrariansEdit

Season 1Edit


  • The Golden Axe Food Company owns a large collection of rare Minoan artifacts which they used to focus the power of The Thread, creating the labyrinth.
  • The Golden Axe Food Company sells products like engineered seeds to farmers.
  • In modern times the sacrifices helped Golden Axe by granting the company favorable returns in the stock market.
  • The spelling of 'Axe' is the British rather than American standard form, perhaps to emphasize its age.


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