An Immortal is someone who is or was made unable to naturally die. Almost all forms of damage that would kill an ordinary being will either make the immortal feel pain or do nothing.

Causes of ImmortalityEdit

Godhood: All gods, demigods, cosmic avatars and similar beings are immortal from their birth/creation/emergence.

Magic: Certain artifacts, such as Bathsheba's Oil of Healing, can turn a creature immortal, if it's not naturally that way;

Death: When a creature reaches the afterlife, it is no longer alive in the usual sense.

List of Immortals in The LibrariansEdit

  • Apep (deceased; made mortal when he was given a soul, thought, and love then sacrificed to use the Eye of Ra to seal away Pure Evil)
  • The Black Mask (mentioned by Jenkins)
  • Charlene (Deceased; made Immortal by her connection to the library; connection to the library severed)
  • Dorian Gray (deceased; gave himself eternal youth by transferring his excess and sins to others)
  • Dulaque (defeated)
  • Gretchen Claus (Santa Claus' wife)
  • Grigori Rasputin  (deceased;) 
  • Jenkins (made Immortal by magic; gave up his immortality in order to save Nicole Noone's life, restored when Flynn altered history)
  • Judson (deceased; made Immortal by his connection to the library; connection to the library severed)
  • Morgan Le Fay (Immortal sorceress; feeds off magic backlash to keep herself young and powerful)
  • Nicholas Flamel (mentioned by Jenkins)
  • Nicole Noone (used immortality artifact; turned mortal by Grigori Rasputin, but later regained her immortality due to Jenkins' sacrifice)
  • Patron Saint of Thieves (Immortal patron of thieves; Santa Claus' brother)
  • The Reaper (a quasi-deity ancient assassin that is never escaped)
  • Santa Claus (avatar of good will)
  • Wandering Jew (mentioned by Jenkins)
  • Flynn Carsen (made Immortal as the Eternal Librarian)
  • Eve Baird (made Immortal as the Guardian of Flynn Carsen by tethering to the Library)


  • According to Jenkins, Immortals prefer Southern Europe in the early spring. ("And the Fables of Doom")
  • A demon contract cannot kill an Immortal because the contract does not have the power to kill what cannot be killed.
  • An Immortal can use their body to help break a fall for a mortal. This causes a lot of pain, though. 
  • There are two known ways to kill an Immortal: either from the inside, or by using an artifact powerful enough to do so (e.g: Koschei's Needle).
  • Immortals cannot use prophecy magic to see into the future.
  • According to Jenkins, Immortals do not need to eat, sleep or use the restroom and they never get sick. ("... And the Disenchanted Forest ")
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