The Library

Jacob Stone is a former oil rig worker and currently a Librarian. He was chosen as a candidate for the Librarian position, but did not turn up for the interview because he stated that he already had a job. Jacob eventually became one of the Librarians along with Cassandra Cillian and Ezekiel Jones after the Serpent Brotherhood tried to kill them and learned the existence of the Library .


Jacob Stone was born in a moderately successful family in Oklahoma. Jacob experienced a tight upbringing during his childhood as his father wanted him to run the business with him when he grew up, but in truth, Jacob was more interested in reading about history and art rather than running the family business. However, when the oil rigging company started by his great-grandfather was worn down by his father due to near bankruptcy, Jacob started to help out and because of this, he had rejected offers from prestigious universities to study in order to save his family's fortunes. Keeping the family business afloat was a challenge though, as Jacob's father continued to squander their finances. Jacob eventually left and pursued his dream of studying art and history. Over the course of his studies, he had gained several Ph.D's and honorary degrees from universities across the world all the while keeping his achievements and intellect a secret to his family, especially his father. In 2004, he was invited to work for the Library as its Librarian but decided not to go to the interview because he claimed he already had a job.


Due to Jacob being a candidate for the position of the Librarian, He was targeted by the Serpent Brotherhood for termination. Visiting a bar at Oklahoma he approached a woman and tried to hit on her. She asked if he could translate the meaning of her tattoo. He did and she introduced herself as Lamia. She then kicked him to the floor and wanted to kill him with a katana. Eve saved him and after a brawl, they managed to escape and went to the library. They go to the library where Flynn tells them about magic and they look at some of the items stored in the library. Eve explains they were invited ten years ago to become the Librarian and Stone explains he was already working. The team tries to figure out why professor Jonas Sheir was murdered and why the Serpent Brotherhood started to call other potential Librarians as well. Jacob recognizes a picture of a painting and says it is connected to King Arthur. Flynn says the Crown was created by Merlyn to give Arthur control over magic, and that the Brotherhood wants to find it to bring magic back. Jacob and Ezekiel know the painting is in Munich and the team decides to go to it to find the clue. Combining their knowledge the team finds out Arthur was a Roman who stayed behind when the Roman empire fell, then manage to find the location of the Crown. Traveling to the place they see a helicopter fly over and realize the Brotherhood is closing in as well. They find a Stonehenge-like circle with an iron vault where the crown is stored. Eve and Ezekiel engage the Brotherhood as Flynn and Jacob use an improvised blow torch to open the locked-up crown. They manage to escape after Ezekiel blew up the Brotherhood’s helicopter. At the library, Flynn tells them about his first mission as a Librarian. The alarm goes off and they realize the library has been opened from the inside. Jacob is surprised as Flynn grabs Excalibur and goes off to protect the crown against Lamia and the intruders. Jacob and the others run away as the Serpent Brotherhood is raiding the library. Judson and Charlene activate a mechanism that destroys the connection and sacrifices themselves in the process. Jacob and the other Librarians flee out of the library as it starts folding up. They flee through a door and end up in a wood. They meet Jenkins who brings them to the other library. It is revealed Flynn is mortally wounded as his wound can not heal because it was inflicted by Excalibur. Jacob says the library is the same, and Jenkins explains the same library can be accessed from multiple locations. However, since Judson broke the connection this is all they have for now. Flynn blames himself as he should have seen they were killing potential Librarians earlier.

Flynn figures out Excalibur is the key to bring magic in the world. The team deduces the stone for the sword must be in Londinium/London. The Librarians go to London and infiltrate Buckingham Palace as Eve uses her connections to counter-terrorism. Eve recognizes a secret entrance and the team gets in. They find Cassandra locked up and quickly free her after she returns to their side. The team makes a plan to use a magnet to take out the crown.

Eve takes out some of the guards while the rest of the team gets to work on the electricity. Jacob and Ezekiel fight some of the killers. Flynn confronts Lamia who quickly defeats him. Just in time they take out the killers and activate the magnet. The team uses the magnet to take the crown from Malia and rob her of the powers over Excalibur. Excalibur knocks her out. Excalibur loses power and Flynn wants Cassandra to use the remaining power to cure her. However, she uses it to heal Flynn from his lethal wound.

Flynn gives each of them a ticket and thanks to them, Jacob says it might be hard going back to their lives knowing magic is real.

As they prepare to leave Flynn stops them. Flynn tells the group he made new rules and the group will slowly be trained and prepared to become Librarians. Eve will act as their guardian and protect them during this. Jacob agrees and says he would love to help people like this.

The Horns of a Dilemma[]

Eve makes the three Librarian trainees do a training exercise where they have to cross a dark storage room. Jacob attacks her straight on and she easily counters him and puts him down. Cassandra and Ezekiel hide and Ezekiel runs off and gets taken out by Eve. Cassandra is the last one and Eve finds her as well. She tells them about their weaknesses and tells Jacob he should not attack head-on, Jacob says it worked so far and she says the next time they might be up against someone dangerous. Eve expresses a concern as she is worried they might be in danger during missions. She tells Jenkins they need more training as they can not handle themselves in the field yet and she can not protect three people at once.

The book in the library shows that there are multiple people who have gone missing and Cassandra tells Eve they want to investigate. Eve agrees but wants them to be well prepared and be careful. The team finds out all the missing people were interns at the Golden Axe Company. Jacob is familiar with the company from his work. They use a magical door that allows them to travel to every door in the world.

They travel to the company. Eve and her team talk with the Karen Willis CEO of the Golden Axe Food Company who says they have no clue what could be going on. The CEO then asks why Eve is interested in it, to which Eve says there might be possible terrorism involved. The CEO tells them that she is not sure how much she can help them and says they can go to human resources for more information, all the while she seizes Eve up. Eve tells the librarians the CEO knows what is going on and she talked to them to seize them up. Eve says she will break in the server room while they go to HR. Following the instructions of the employee, they walk towards Human Resources but somehow get lost into the halls. Jacob says it looks like they got in a basement and he recognizes wall paint as ancient Greece. The team opens a door and finds a room filled with stacked up human skulls. They run away and call Eve. Cassandra says the hallways do not make sense and they somehow got lost. Eve tells them she is in a room with Minoan relics. The team realizes they are stuck in the labyrinth. Cassandra is able to recognize a pattern and figure out the labyrinth. Eve shoots in the air to guide them towards her. The team encounters The Minotaur. Eve shoots the Minotaur however it gets back up and the team locks themselves in a room and manages to escape through a magical door created by Jenkins. At the library, Jenkins explains to them the labyrinth is created by magical relics. If they manage to remove the relics the labyrinth will disappear. Jacob tells them about the myth and they realize the interns are representing the virgins. The team returns to Boston through the magical door and prepare to break into the building. Cassandra realizes the labyrinth has expanded and Boston is a part of it as well now. The team learns they are cursed and the Minotaur can now also hunt them in the streets. The Minotaur appears in the form of a huge biker and knocks Jacob and Eve over. Fleeing from the Minotaur, Jenkins manages to disrupt the labyrinth to confuse the Minotaur. Eve tries to order them, however, Cassandra reminds her she is not a soldier, the team uses their combined skills to make up a plan while Cassandra says she can find the center of the labyrinth. The teams split up while Ezekiel and Cassandra go to the center, Eve and Jacob provide a distraction. Eve tells Jacob to leave as she distracts the Minotaur. Eve engages the Minotaur in hand to hand combat. Jacob drives a car against the Minotaur to knock him down and the two leave. Jacob and Eve get through the magical door and block the Minotaur. The labyrinth suddenly starts to collapse. Using the ball of rope Ezekiel Jones and Cassandra manage to get back into the library through a magical door. Cassandra talks to Jacob who tells her nobody knows about his historical knowledge and genius intellect. He says he likes his friends and family but does not trust them enough to tell them about his real passions. He then says he likes her, but she betrayed his trust. Eve later explains to them they did great and that she herself has to learn more of how to work together with them.

Santa's Midnight Run[]

The team is decorating the library for Christmas and Eve mentions she does not like it. There is a short conversation in which Cassandra says her parents told her Santa did not exist where she was 3 years old, Ezekiel says he loves it because of the countless things to steal and Jacob says he loved being in a bar brawl at Christmas. Jenkins says Santa has been adduced and that he actually exists. The team responds in disbelief after which he explains it. He says Santa is an avatar who spreads goodwill during Christmas and that his task is vital in re-charging the good energy in the world. The team finds out the Serpent Brotherhood has kidnapped Santa and Cassandra says Dulaque is behind it as she sees him on video footage. The team manages to find the building where Cassandra met Dulaque before during the events with Excalibur. Eve and Jacob sneak in the place, where Jacob recognizes the rare and expensive antiques displayed. Dulaque seemed to have expected them as he suddenly appears. He compliments Jacob his knowledge and says it is a shame he hides it. Lamia blocks the exit and makes some flirting remarks to Jacob after which Dulaque mentions he knew Eve was at Buckingham Palace. Lamia says Eve is a poor guardian as Flynn had to save her. Dulaqua orders Lamia to kill them, however, Jacob quickly picks up an expensive piece of art and threatens to break it, which scares Dulaque and Lamia. He tosses a few pieces towards them which forces them to catch it to avoid breaking it. Meanwhile, Ezekiel rescues Santa and escapes through the fireplace. The team escapes safely. Eve gives Ezekiel Santa his hat and tells him to provide as a distraction. Jacob and the team go to Jenkins while Eve tries to transport Santa to safety. Without the sleigh, the team arranges a plane to pick them up. Jacob meets Eve and Santa at a bar where Santa is acting like his former persona, Odin. Santa picks a fight with some locals and a fierce bar fight starts. Jacob and Santa are later seen nurturing their faces as Eve drives them away.

The team reaches the plane and Santa mentions he can fly the plane. The plane gets boarded by Lamia and Dulaque. Jacob, Ezekiel, and Cassandra confront them. Dulaque says he is going to take Santa and kill them. Jacob says only Lamia is armed. Dulaque draws a sheathed sword from his walking stick. Dulaque quickly captures Ezekiel and Cassandra. Jacob tries to fight Lamia however she easily pins him against the wall and incapacitates him with a knee to the groin. Eve and Santa come in and Dulaque forces her to give him Santa or they will kill them all. Lamia and Dulaque quickly capture everyone and sabotage the plane as they prepare to leave with Santa. Dulaque tells them he has poisoned Santa so he can not spread the goodwill this year. The group manages to manipulate Delaque in putting on Santa his hat which forces him to give in to their wishes and let him order the confused Lamia to leave on the sled. However, he then fights it off and attacks Eve with a sword. She kicks him to the edge of the plane and holds his hand. She tries to force him to tell her how to help the poisoned Santa, however, he simply let's go and falls out of the plane. The team manages to safely land the plane. Santa says he is too weak and gives Eve the power to spread the goodwill over humanity this year. Eve experiences countless situations in mere seconds and gives people the power to do the right thing. The team is later at the library and they mention how they all got to have their Christmas wish fulfilled.

The Apple of Discord[]

Jacob and the team are figuring out why there are earthquakes in Japan. Jenkins explains the earthquakes are caused by dragons. The group suddenly hears a storm behind the magical door and they prepare for battle. Flynn comes in and explains the dragons who live underground and sleep 90% of their lives, however they can wreak havoc when angered. Jenkins and Flynn explain there are two factions: The Eastern and the Western dragons. He explains that something might have been taken and that the dragons can destroy the world if they do not get it back. Flynn explains a representative of the Eastern Dragons: Mr. Drake will be here any minute. Eve complains that he cannot just burst in and start to give orders as it undermines her authority towards the Librarians. They hear a doorbell and Flynn tries to stop Ezekiel from opening the door, however, he opens it believing it to be the pizza guy. Mr. Drake says Ezekiel is the spokesperson for the library as he spoke to him first. The team manages to get Jenkins involved as he can help Ezekiel negotiate with Mr. Drake. Flynn explains to Eve and the team the Western Dragons have a stronghold in Rome and that they might have hidden the stolen pearl there. The team prepares to go to Rome to get the pearl back in a repo job. Eve says she needs Jones, however, Flynn says he is stuck to do to the negotiations. The team uses the magical door to get to Rome and end up in the Vatican. They see the pope and quickly get out as the cops chase them. Eve and the team look for a puzzle that shows the entrance to the dragon stronghold. On the square, Cassandra recognizes a pattern of stones and steps on them to activate a door. Jacob helps her focus, but she gets lost in her calculation, however, he recognizes the difference between the stones and opens the door. The team enters the space and finds a room where the pearl is stored. The room is booby-trapped and arrows are shot at anything that makes a sound. The team manages to get the pearl which stops the traps from shooting. Jacob picks up the pearl and suddenly has glowing eyes. Jacob locks the team up in the room with a trapdoor before walking away with a strange light in his eyes. Jacob then goes to a museum and openly complains about the order of the paintings, he then grabs a painting and tries to move it. He starts fighting guards who try to stop him. In the fight, Jacob drops the pearl and it breaks open and reveals a golden apple. Eve comes in and convinces the guards to leave with her ATO badge, as Flynn checks out Jacob. Cassandra picks up the apple and her eyes light up. Cassandra disarms Eve and shoots into a fire extinguisher after which she runs away. The guards and the police get attracted to the shot and retain Eve, Flynn, and Jacob. Eve talked to the police and the museum staff, she returned to Flynn and Jacob and told them they better not give Ezekiel that apple. The group then started to look for Cassandra. Eve and the group find the recovering Lamia who got crippled and knocked out by Cassandra. Lamia says Cassandra is going to the power plant. Jacob smiles at Lamia while walking past her and Flynn jokes how she tried to kill him. They find Cassandra as she is preparing to use the power plant to cause a cascade failure of electricity through Europe. Jacob manages to make her pass out by asking about the number pi and catches her, while Eve and Flynn pick up the apple together and become evil. Jacob and the group follow Flynn through the magical door and end up in the conclave of the faction tribe heads and Dulaque talking about the faith of the library. Flynn chases Eve and the Librarians out of the room and starts to insult them while claiming he can take them all on. Jacob and the team manage to let Ezekiel steal the apple from Flynn, who then manages to de-escalate the situation and recover the faith of the faction heads in the library.

The Fables of Doom[]

Eve, Jacob, Cassandra, and Ezekiel come to investigate an accident involving a car that was launched of a bridge. Ezekiel is skeptical about why they should investigate it. The team talks about how they will introduce themselves to local law enforcement. They introduce themselves to Sheriff Heyer. Jacob says they are from the library and investigate traffic flow.

The sheriff mentions it was most likely just an accident. Ezekiel taunts the sheriff about the town being meaningless. Eve gets them to the car wreck and says Ezekiel should not taunt local law enforcement. Cassandra recognizes a pattern on the car wreck. Jacob sprays on it and they notice a gigantic fingerprint.

At the annex, Jansen explains it might be a troll, and says that trolls are dangerous and that they better run when it comes at them. Jensen tells them that trolls are subdued in daylight. Eve says Jacob and Cassandra go ask for any video footage. While Eve and Ezekiel go try to find the troll. Eve explains to Ezekiel he has to be more serious if he wants to be a Librarian. Ezekiel explains he is a Librarian because it is fun when it is no longer fun he will be gone. The two find the troll and Ezekiel takes a sample. Meanwhile Cassandra thanks Jacob for working with her, and he says he likes her but doesn't trust her. When she asks how she can earn his trust back, he says he's fine with the way it is. They then talk to the Sheriff about the weird that happens in town.

The team comes together and Eve and Ezekiel say it is a troll, however, Cassandra and Jacob say it is more. Suddenly they hear a crowd running away. They see a huge wolf running through the streets who tries to bite a woman. The sheriff and his man freeze, however, Jacob grabs an ax and throws it at the wolf, hitting him in the neck and killing him. Ezekiel asks him where he learned that and Jacob says he does not know. They see that the wolf is wearing a nightcap and believe the wolf may be related to the red hood. The team realizes fairy tales are coming alive.

Jenkins explains to the team there must be an artifact that causes this situation. Jenkins says they should perform an autopsy on the wolf they killed. Eve and Cassandra have a drink at the bar where the wolf is stored. Ezekiel and Jacob go get the wolf. Eve her hair starts to become longer and Cassandra receives a lot of attention from the local girls who gaze at her.

Ezekiel and Jacob bring the wolf to the annex where Jenkins helps them with the autopsy. They realize the nightcap is part of the wolf. When Jacob cuts the wolf open there is a young woman in it. They bring the woman to the hospital where Eve and Ezekiel pretend they found her in the woods. The woman says she did not know what happened as she seems charmed by Cassandra. She asks Cassandra her number, while Jacob is shocked by what he sees.

The Sheriff mentions the wolf got stolen after Ezekiel was at the bar. Ezekiel taunts him and says he is overworked. The sheriff says he is trouble and he will get him. Eve reminds Ezekiel he should not antagonize local law enforcement, and he says he did not listen. Jenkins meets them in the field and says the stories will become more powerful and that they can be changed by the reader, and eventually entire nations will be affected by this book. He says the book will take energy from the people around it and that they have to search for sick people.

The team starts to look for sick people and curious cases. Jensen tells Cassandra the stories are the old versions and are brutal with archetypes such as the hunter, princess, prince charming, and the rogue. Eve and Jacob go to the library and ask for a book that is old. The Librarian shows them a book but says it can not be ordered. He locks it away as he tells them it was from Thomson Dieter. Eve and Jacob offer the local Librarian to help him with his books, however, he refuses.

The team gets together at the bar where women are trying to charm Cassandra. The team wants to find the book in the library, however, Ezekiel thinks the sick girl is involved. The sheriff says Ezekiel learned her to pick locks and then cuffs him. Ezekiel escapes the cuffs. However, the sheriff has become a wolf and blows the windows out of the house.

The team flees as the sheriff is looking for them. The entire football team has become wolfs. The team realizes they are becoming archetypes as Jacob becomes a huntsman with an ax, Eve starts to look like a princess and Cassandra becomes Prince Charming. Jenkins says the good guys have bad endings as well and that they and the bystanders can get killed, the only person that is able to survive everything is Jack the nimble thief. The team walks through the town and realizes the population is becoming Fairy tale characters. The team gets the civilians to the local library to protect them. The wolves track them and they quickly go to the library.

Ezekiel goes to the sick girl where the Librarian is reading the story. Ezekiel says the book is killing her and that he has to stop. He tries to grab the book however the old man grabs his wrist and throws him away with superhuman power. The man explains that he has become stronger by the book, growing old is not fun and by taking energy from the village he can become strong again. Jacob, Cassandra, and Eve hide the citizens and prepare to defend them against the wolves. They call Ezekiel who explains the situation about the book. The wolves break-in and Cassandra stand on the table and gives a rousing speech as they prepare to fight them. Eve starts to look more like a princess and is charmed by Cassandra. Jacob makes her snap out of it. Jacob engages the wolves with his ax and fights the sheriff in single combat. Cassandra uses a table leg to fight the wolves. Eve is handicapped by her princess appearance and has trouble fighting well. She calls Ezekiel to change the story.

Ezekiel grabs the book and says the wolves are now blind, which they become instantly. The Librarian throws him away and says the wolves are going to kill them. The wolves quickly overpower the team and Jacob gets beat up by the sheriff. Ezekiel grabs the coin and tosses it in the head of the Librarian to paralyze him. He grabs the book and makes the sick girl turn it into a happy ending. She quickly says Jacob is a robot, who then beats the sheriff. She then turns Cassandra into Merlyn and Eve in a Ninja princess who then quickly beat the wolves and make them rout. As she ends the story the Librarian gets sucked in the book.

The team convinces the sheriff it was some hallucinating gas and that everything is great now. The sick girl has been fully recovered and the sheriff asks what Ezekiel did. Ezekiel says this is one of the times we say the happy ending. The teams walk off as the sheriff and his daughter look at them. The team returns to the library where Jenkins has put several books ready to inform them. The magical book is revealed to be blank except for a drawing of the trapped Librarian. Jacob says it is getting crazier. Cassandra says she did not mind having all these girls buying her drinks, and Eve says she likes her hair is normal again. They ask is Ezekiel felt different, however, he says he was just his amazing self. Ezekiel says he is awesome, and that everyone says he can not do anything however when everyone turned into heroes he just stayed himself and saved the day. Annoyed Eve and Jacob go to the punching bag to blow some steam.

The Rule of Three[]

Eve arrives at the Annex on a free day but to her surprise, Jenkins is there as well as he says he never has a day off. Jacob is there as well as he has access to all the books in history there. Eve came to the Annex investigating magical threats. Ezekiel comes in through the magical door as he seems to have stolen something. The book starts to levitate and Jenkins says it must imply a huge magical threat. The book shows a S.T.E.M (Science technology engineering and mathematics) fair. The group travels to the fair as Cassandra is excited about the cutting edge developments there. Eve is doubtful what kind of threat could be at a science fair. The walk in the fair where the presenter tells them the fair is brought by the McCabe learning foundation and introduces science education expert Lucinda McCabe. Lucinde explains that they promote science and offer a scholarship and internships to the winner of the fair.

Eve is skeptical about all the robot stuff and asks why there is no soda volcano. Lucinde asks them who they are and they introduce themselves as the Librarians, which makes Lucinde think they are the judges. The group starts to look for something magical and the students are explaining their stances. Only Cassandra understands it while the others have no clue what it is about. Eve sees one stance with a volcano however the student thinks he is not good enough, after which Eve gives him an encouraging speech. The student shows his Vulcano which somehow starts to spit real fire and magma.

Lucinde calms the public down while Eve and Jacob talk to the student Lenard who erupted the volcano. Using her charm she makes Lenard explain that his parents made him join the fair after five other students got disabled by mysterious circumstances.

Eve calls Cassandra and she and Ezekiel discuss how they should find other magical stances. Ezekiel says he stole some prices when he was young. Jenkins joins them as he says he admires science as well. Jenkins says magic is rewriting the physical laws. He says it is probably a coven of three people doing this.

Eve and Jacob start to look for the three bullies they saw earlier. Cassandra and Ezekiel look for the girl Amy of a stance however she is gone and her pushing mom tries to explain the project to them.

Eve and Jacob find the three bullies and realize one of them is trying to ask the girl to continue their relationship. However, Amy says the school has priority and she can not.

Jenkins explains the rule of three means that whatever you inflict on another will return threefold. The group wonders how the kids got magic. Jacob talks to the bullies that tried to be with Amy. He says he does not belong in her group or any group and he can not be with her. Jacob tells poetry and says these subgroups are just costumes and roles we play and they are not who we really are. Jacob says he should not let his own or other costumes stop him.

Jacob tells Eve he learned that most people hated Amy because she was the frontrunner in these kinds of competitions. They talk to Amy her mom and she explains Amy has no social life as it will just be a distraction. Ezekiel uses a detector for magic and traces the magic to a phone and steals it. They learn there is a magical app on the phone. Jenkins explains that it is a wish-fulfilling spell, so whatever the user of the phone wishes will have a magical influence. Jenkins explains that the phone also influences the mind and keeps influencing the magic-making it stronger and stronger.

Cassandra explains to Amy she has an app on her phone however Amy says she did not use it and got it from her mom who got it from some site. Amy says she wants to be just normal and does not care much about success. Cassandra explains she was like that in the past but could not perform up to the dream her parents had for her. Cassandra talks to Ezekiel and he asks where her trophies are. She explains her parents destroyed them as they believed it would be a painful reminder that she was not good enough.

The Librarians realize there are 27 active users of the magical app at the fair. Cassandra says it is 3 multiplied and that the students are all using the spell on each other.

Eve explains the group that Morgan Le Fay made the app. However, Morgan walks past them and says she just made the wish app and the kids use it to destroy each other. The group asks why she does it and she says she absorbs the magic that comes from the app and uses it to stay young and powerful. She then quickly disappears.

The group wonders how they can protect the kids. They decide they have to contain the magic that comes towards the kids. Amy decides to help them so they can form a pentagram. Her mother tries to stop her but she says it is her life.

The Librarians and Amy form a pentagram around the group to absorb the magic as they all keep a metal table leg up. Their plan succeeds and they manage to protect the kid while they pretend it was an experiment of Amy going out of control.

The Librarians pretend Lucinda is to the hospital and make Lenard the winner with his volcano performance.

The Heart of Darkness[]

Jacob and the group try to find a broken lay line in the Nitra Region of Slovakia. As they get close a scared girl runs towards them. Jacob, Eve, Ezekiel, and Cassandra get out and help her. They ask her what is going on and she says there is something horrible in the house. She explains her name is Katie and she and her friends were in the house. Eve asks her what happened and she says a man attacked them. She wants to go back however Jacob tells her they will not let her go alone in the house. Ezekiel says they better flee, however, Eve ignores him.

Cassandra says the broken lay lines are on the place where Katie came from. They call with Jenkins who tells them broken lay lines are highly dangerous and that they can cause wild magic mixed with haunted spirits. Cassandra gives them magical scrolls that can contain the magic and need to be anchored in the house. Eve wants Cassandra to stay with Katie while she, Ezekiel, and Jacob will enter the house.

Eve asks Jacob what the house is and he says it is a 19th-century frontier house and wonders what it does in Slovakia. The group enters the house and starts to clear the rooms. Ezekiel places the scrolls to anchor the magic. The house starts to shake and a knife flies in the air and nails into the wall next to Ezekiel. The group quickly fled the house and Katie asks them who they are. Cassandra says they are the Librarians.

Eve says she Jacob and Ezekiel will go in as Cassandra and Cathy wait outside. Cassandra is annoyed they do not let her go in, Eve tries to explain but Cathy runs in and the group follows her. Eve grabs Katie and tells her to be quiet as there is a noise upstairs. Cassandra and Katie stay down while Eve, Jacob, and Ezekiel go upstairs. The group splits up to check the rooms. Jacob finds a hatchet in one of the chambers.

The group is unable to find anyone and Eve describe the youngsters who Katie says are her friends. The group calls Jenkins who tells them that the broken lay lines are contained but the house is the house of legends where different people got killed. Jenkins tells them there are six magical houses. And tells them the house is the shadowbox who moves around takes victims and then moves on. The house does this since the 16th century. Jenkins tells them they perhaps can destroy the house by destroying the dark heart which could be anything. They have till midnight to do this.

The group tells them as they try to find anything magical. They search the place and Jacob sees the hatchet has been moved, as he tries to pick it up it disappears. He shouts for Ezekiel to come however Ezekiel does not respond. The group is unable to find Ezekiel who is now gone. Jacob suggests they burn the house down but Katie says they must still be in here. They notice a playing recorder that was not there before and the name Katie appears on the wall.

Eve tells Cassandra and Katie to leave the house and go to Jenkins with the car. Cassandra wants to stay however Eve says she and Jacob will stay because they can fight. If they fail at least Cassandra will remain alive.

Eve and Jacob wonder why the ghost stays hidden. They hear Cassandra and Katie scream and run towards them. However, Jacob sees a toy house standing on the table. He walks towards the house as a dark shadow moves behind him.

Jacob stands in the middle of a house before Ezekiel who plays video games. The two realize they are stuck in a dollhouse and see Eve looking through the windows however she is unable to see them. Jacob says the house is trying to kill them, however, Ezekiel disagrees and wishes a glass of beer which instantly appears in his hand. Ezekiel shows Jacob the pictures hanging on the walls and says he wished the video games because he got bored. Jacob says the pictures are ancient and the house is actually good.

The two are joined by Eve who got knocked out by the ghost and is in poor shape. Ezekiel talks to Jacob as he says the house can make them rich as they are out of the toy house. Eve is in bad shape as she has a black eye and is hurt. Cassandra and the shadow man walk in as Ezekiel and Jacob prepare to fight. Cassandra explains there is no threat anymore and the shadow man turns into a butler. She explains the house is to help people and was made to act as a refuge and they did not escape it would ever be used by a serial killer. Cassandra says goodbye to the ghost and the group takes off. Jenkins tells them the entire family consisted of serial killers and they found the house of refuge. Cassandra turns on the radio and Ezekiel does not like the song, but Cassandra says she wants to listen to it. It is revealed they took the dollhouse with them.

The City of Light[]

At the Annex Ezekiel tries to convince the others that aliens exist. Jenkins says they do not exist and Eve is skeptical as Santa is real as well. Jacob says it reminds him of conspiracy theories. Cassandra says it would be unlikely earth would be the only planet with some form of life. The group goes to a town where an alien investigator went missing. Cassandra says Ezekiel is a UFO geek. Ezekiel mentions he would sell out the human race if some superior race would show up. Eve says she would break his bones if he does.

The group splits up to look for weird stuff.

Jacob meets Mabel who came from Paris and the two talk in French. Jacob flirts with her and learns she is the archivist. They go to the archive.

The group is at the Annex where Jenkins says it is crazy that they managed to lose their guardian. He finds out that Eve is still on the planet. The question Mr. Finch who mentions he has no memories about what happened.

Jacob talks to Mabel and says the archive is huge for a small town. They talk about family and how Mabel never left this town. Jacob mentions his new job makes him travel now while he never was far away from his home. Mabel says she wants to have memories from other places and have more experiences.

Jacob decides to bring Mabel to the place they picked up weird signals. Cassandra says she does not understand why he brought her towards them. Jacob asks Mabel if she knows what the light pole does in the forest. Jenkins touches it and Eve suddenly appears for a second again. Mabel says there is something wrong and they are not Librarians. Jacob asks her to trust him and they are here to help the town.

Jenkins explains Eve got caught in some kind of energy field but he is not sure what. He gives them the goggles that allow them to see energy manifestations like Eve.

Jacob goes to the archive, breaks in but gets caught by Mabel. The two decide to work together to find the correct books.

Cassandra and Ezekiel follow the energy flow and Cassandra realizes it is a circuit. She tries to find the source. Ezekiel sees Eve through the goggles. She motions them to where they can find the energy source. Jacob and Mabel study the blueprints and Jacob mentions there might have been a town where the lamps were.

Jacob sees lamps and asks her what she is doing. She says she helps him if he will do the right thing. She explains there was a town build here before.

Ezekiel follows Eve who points him towards people who are being taken over by energized human forms. He flees as they chase him and hits a lamp that stops them.

Cassandra gets confronted by Finch and knocks him down after which she flees.

Jacob explains to the group the town was invented by the founder of electricity. Cassandra shows a picture of 1915 was Mabel is on it.

Mabel explains to them the lamp poles were prototypes for wireless electricity and when they were activated something went wrong and all the people in the city turned into an invisible version of themselves. Mabel was in the control room and therefore became anchored in her body with a device.

Ezekiel asks why they are in other bodies. They explain they took over bodies to work on creating a solution. They took Finch over because he was a stranger.

Librarians talk about if they will help them. Ezekiel says stealing bodies is just wrong. Jacob says they should help them as it is horrible they can not participate like this. Cassandra says they have a 50 percent chance to get them back or the gas lamps will get destroyed and they will be gone.

Jacob and Mabel talk and she says she stayed around as the gas laps are the only thing that keeps her into this world. She mentions Jacob should travel as well as he had been held back while he likes architecture and art and could visit all kinds of places. He explains he felt obliged to run the family company and used it as an excuse to not do anything. The two end up kissing.

They prepare the lamps as best as possible and then try to perform the process to bring them back. The process starts to become unstable and the place threatens to blow. Finch wants to take that risk and destroys the equipment to avoid Cassandra from stopping the process.

The group frees Cassandra as Finch locked her up. Cassandra says the place is going to blow up if it does not work. The group realizes they have to stop it and Mabel agrees.

They are unable to approach the generator but Jacob holds on to Mabel which grounds him so the electricity does not kill him. Ezekiel engages the body-snatched citizens and keeps them off.

Jacob and Mabel manage to get close enough to the generator and Mabel shut it down which also removes the connection between the citizens and this world.

The group sits together and they discuss if it could have worked. Eve came back but it was still unsure if the others would get back as well. Jenkins hands Eve a book in which she can make a note so that the future Librarians will use another generator over 100 years again to bring the citizens back to this world.

Cassandra and Ezekiel ask Jacob for a drink, however, he says he needs to go somewhere. He uses the door to go to Paris and looks at the pictures of Mabel as he enters the city.

The Loom of Fate[]

The group checks out a pyramid. While investigating they encounter mummies. Jacob, Ezekiel, Cassandra, and Eve try to disarm a booby trap while fighting mummies. Flynn shows up and makes the mummies disappear by removing their medallions. Eve says he did not mention that. Flynn explains he believes he found a way to bring back the library. And that this sarcophagus holds the key to it.

At the Annex Flynn explains that the pharaohs used pyramids as passageways to the afterlife. Jacob is skeptical about a doorway to heaven inside pyramids. Jenkins explains a doorway as they have to other dimensions. Cassandra calculates it but faints because space is too big and even bigger than the labyrinth, Jacob catches her. Her nose then starts to bleed and Ezekiel hands her a handkerchief.

Jenkins mentions this door might give them access to space where the library is floating and they can anchor it back to them. Jacob mentions they can use the ball of rope from the labyrinth and the magical app from Morgan Le Fay to help get back the library.

The group prepares to bring back the library using the storybook they found before. It is working and Flynn says Jenkins was right about the pyramids however Jenkins says he never send him any notes. Flynn is confused and suddenly there becomes smoke out of the sarcophagus. Jacob falls to the floor and passes out because of the smoke.

Waking up Jenkins, Eve, and Flynn is gone. Jacob covers the motionless body of Lamia. Jenkins, Eve and Flynn get back to the Annex and Jacob asks what happened as Eve is mortally injured from a stab wound. Flynn uses the storybook to get the library back. Opening the doors they see the library is back again. The group gets in as Jacob supports Eve. Jacob holds Eve who has stopped breathing as Flynn runs in the library looking for a potion. Flynn uses a magic potion to revive Eve just as her heart stopped beating. Flynn says he does not believe in faith. The group looks at the library as Flynn says it feels like home.

Flynn tells the group they are now graduating and they can do the mission on their own. Eve hands them small versions of the clipping book so they can get their own missions. Eve ensures them they will be fine as she has seen them all in alternate futures. Ezekiel says he can use a break and Jacob says he would like to visit his family again. Cassandra says she would like to try a case and opens the book. Cassandra says she will go to Lima, and as she leaves Ezekiel and Jacob run after her.

Alternate timeline[]

Jacob Stone as the librarian in the alternate timeline

After the previous Librarian Edward Wilde faked his death Jacob became the new Librarian. While acting as the Librarian Eve Baird became his guardian and the two ended up becoming lovers. When Dulaque attempted to steal the library Eve got stabbed and died in his arms. After her death, he continued his work for the library. Searching a jungle for magical stones Jacob defeats a bunch of soldiers and frees their captives. To his surprise it is Eve and he kisses her which surprises her. Confused Jacob talks with Flynn who knows nothing about magic and is just a professor. Eve talks to Jacob and he explains he is the Librarian. Jacob explains she died before. Jacob realizes that they are from a different timeline which explains why Eve is still alive. Eve explains that where she came from Flynn was the Librarian. They manage to find mystical stones. Eve asks how she died and Jacob explains she died as she tried to prevent Dulaque from taking the library. Jacob tells Eve that without the Serpent Brotherhood their control the magic becomes wild magic and technology is failing and wars are breaking out. He is finding magical artifacts to keep them safe. Flynn spots a pattern in the pine trees around the stones. With his knowledge, they find out how they can use the stones for teleportation. Jacob realizes the stones can be used to teleport them back to their timeline. He powers them up and makes them teleport away as the soldiers close in on him. Jacob fights the soldiers but suddenly gets teleported to a room where both he Ezekiel, Cassandra, Eve, and Flynn are present. Jacob learns Cassandra and Ezekiel are Librarians as well. The three Librarians work together and prepare to transport the group back to the world of Eve. Cassandra says they can go through the doors and that they can reach the loom of fate. Eve gets the ball of rope and a sword and she and Flynn thank the group and go through the doors. Flynn stops and says that if they rewind the threads their lines will cease to exist and they will be gone. Jacob says it was an interesting life. The Librarians say a life of mystery, misery, loneliness and adventure, and the chance to save the world every week. The group says goodbye as Eve and Flynn go to the loom of fate.


Jacob has a genius-level intellect (190 IQ) and is highly knowledgeable about history and architecture. However, he is conflicted as he tries to be normal and hides his intellect by doing simple work and publishes his works under an alias. In truth, Jacob is also afraid of becoming a failure in his life as a scholar as he partly blames himself as to why his family business had deteriorated and would have saved it had he completely stayed. He doesn't like it when people try to correct him, can be arrogant and stubborn at times, a bit of a womanizer, and doesn't shy away from a fight. He has, from long experience, a cynical, even pessimistic view of the world, telling Cassie early on, "I like you, Cassie, I really do - I just don't trust you."

When holding the Apple of Discord, Jacob locked up Eve and his fellow Librarians. He then went to a museum where he began to move around paintings because the way they were displayed was offensive to his artistic sensibilities. He then started a fight with the guards over this.


  • Genius-level intellect: Jacob has an IQ of over 190 and has honorary degrees from top universities in the world. Jacob is the group's foremost expert on art, architecture, and history and can only be rivaled by Flynn or Jenkins. He was the first to recognize the painting of the Crown of King Arthur while the others didn't and studied and recognized the pattern on how the Bermuda Triangle selects its victims even before Flynn and others managed to based on the number of incidents and tabulating it. He also has extensive knowledge of mechanics and engineering from his time as an oil rig worker.
  • Natural Brawler/Skilled Hand-to-hand combatant: Being born and raised in Oklahoma, Jacob was no stranger to a fistfight. It is assumed that Jacob learned to fight when he was still young as he stated that his father taught him how to take down an opponent while Jacob himself was fighting Hoklonote, the shape-shifting god. Jacob is a natural brawler as he was able to hold his own against assassins from the Serpent Brotherhood. Over time, Jacob has refined his fighting abilities by continually sparring with Eve, who is a more skilled combatant than he is. His fighting skills were further improved when he trained with the Monkey King, becoming an expert martial artist.
  • Multilingual: Jacob speaks 9 languages & can read 12 more languages such as Greek.
  • Gift of The Inner Soul: An extremely powerful magic tattoo created by the Staff of Shangri-La. Its full powers are unknown. When used alongside the gifts of the other Librarians, Jacob can take off the immortality of a spiritual being.


  • Jacob loves a good bar brawl (particularly at Christmas)
  • Has an IQ of 190. He was accepted at Cambridge and the Sorbonne but turned them both down to work in the family rigging business.
  • Jacob's family and friends, particularly his father, believe he is not that bright and that his only skills are fighting and chasing women.
  • Jacob's father always promised to make him a partner in the family business, but never did.
  • Jacob's taught himself to read Greek text.
  • Jacob ran the family business's finances so well that they had enough money to last 6 months with no work if they needed to.
  • Jacob stated that he dated two girls simultaneously without knowing they were sisters.
  • Jacob and Eve have developed an elbow/forearm bump, presumably to avoid the 'mushiness' of hugging or similar.

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