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The Jinn (or Djinn)[2] are a magical faction of fire spirits.[3]


The Djinn are spirits of fire who have existed for centuries, appearing in tales such as One Thousand and One Nights, most notably in the story of Aladdin and the Magical Lamp. Centuries ago, a rogue Djinn known only as the "Nameless One" was imprisoned in the Genie's Lamp, later found by Aladdin. Although Aladdin used the genie's ability to grant wishes to obtain wealth and power, he later realized that the Djinn was too dangerous to be let free, and sent his friends Sinbad and Ali Baba to hide the Lamp away.

The Lamp re-appeared in 2006, when Flynn Carsen and Dr. Shirin Masri found it on a magically concealed island, guarded by a roc. Recognizing that the Lamp was highly unstable, and that the Djinn inside was on the verge of escape, Flynn managed to get the Lamp away from The Forty and enraged the genie by wishing the Lamp and the Djinn inside "lost forever".[3]

In 2014, the Djinn were one of the magical factions present at the Conclave, represented by Dobra of the City of Bronze. Their calling card was a representation of the Genie's Lamp. Although tempermental and displeased with Flynn's Apple of Discord-influenced insults, Dobra voted for the Library to remain Arbiters of the Conclave.[4]

Much to everyone's surprise, the Lamp once again re-surfaced in 2016, affected by the magic loosed on the world by Dulaque. The Librarians tracked it to a compulsive gambler in Las Vegas named Gus Dunphy, who was using the Genie's power to improve his luck. Although Jenkins called upon Dobra in hopes that the Court of Smoke would be able to help, Dobra said that the Court lacked the power to restrain the Nameless One, and were not responsible for his actions. In the end, the Nameless One was defeated when Cassandra Cillian wished for him to have "unlimited imagination", overwhelming him with possibilities until he could not longer hold himself together.[3]

Characteristics and Abilities[]

The Djinn are very powerful spirits of fire, capable of granting wishes but also of causing great destruction. The genie of the Lamp was able to grow more powerful every time someone used the Lamp to make a wish, and was implied to be the most powerful of the Djinn.[3]

Judson describes the Djinn as "capricious, often vindictive entities". They are short-tempered and quick to threaten great harm on those who cross them. Although they can grant wishes, they have no imagination themselves and are therefore forced to rely on humans to make the wishes for them. If bound to the Lamp, the genie is only able to grant the wishes of the one who possesses the Lamp, and is unable to use his powers for himself.[3]

The Nameless One is described as a towering, powerfully-built being made of smoke, with iridescent blue skin, a red beard and moustache, and pointed ears.[3] Dobra appears as a human male when at the Conclave[4], and when seen by Jenkins through a summoning spell.

The ruling council of the Djinn is the Court of Smoke, which represents the Djinn in Conclaves and sets laws. Their representative, Dobra, has seven wives and a number of concubines, but little else is known of Djinn society.


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