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The Library

Jonas Sheir was a professor of archaeology. He was a candidate for the position of The Librarian before it was given to Flynn Carsen.


Candidacy to be the Librarian[]

After the supposed death of Edward Wilde in 2004, Professor Jonas Sheir received an invitation that explaining that he had been selected as a candidate to become the new Librarian. He however didn't receive the position, as it was given to Flynn Carsen instead.

The Crown of King Arthur[]

In 2014, he discovered a clue in a painting that might lead to the Crown of King Arthur. He contacted Flynn Carsen after having learned about the truth about the Librarian, and called him telling him he wanted to meet him, while making his way to the Library. Unaware he was being stalked by Dulaque, he was stabbed after making his way into the lobby.[1]


The Librarians[]

Season 1[]


  • He had five PHDs.


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