Karen Willis is the CEO of Golden Axe Foods Company.


Karen Willis was the CEO of Golden Axe Foods Company, to ensure success the company used artifacts to re-create The Labyrinth in their skyscraper to house the mythical creature the Minotaur. To create success for her kingdom she fed him 14 virgins each year. The company used this system for more then 3000 years. The labyrinth was adapted by Karen to the modern world and magically stored in the skyscraper in Boston. By leading victims a certain direction they would end up in the labyrinth without a way back.  

Confrontation with the LibrariansEdit

The missing of interns attracted the librarians their attention. Eve contacted her and told her she wanted to speak with her because of possible terrorism. Karen agreed to meet them and told them she was shocked about the missing interns, while she seized them up and tried to get a good image of them. After assuring she had no clue what could have happened she tricked them in entering the labyrinth. Without their knowledge they survived and managed to escape it with a magical door. The librarians got stuck in the labyrinth again when they tried to return to the company. However they outsmarted the labyrinth and the Minotaur and Ezekiel and Cassandra managed to reach the center. Karen ambushed them and held them at gunpoint. She questioned them and they told her they were the librarians. She explained how they fed the Minotaur 14 people each year and did this for more then 3000 years. These sacrifices made the company flourish. She prepared to shoot them however Cassandra jumped her. She threw her off however Ezekiel had grabbed the ball of strings from one of the vitrines. Throwing the ball into the labyrinth the labyrinth got destroyed. Karen barely got away. She later swore vengeance on the Librarians and said she would destroy them. She did not realized the Minotaur had developed a grudge against her for being imprisoned. Panicking she turned around and saw the Minotaur.[1]


Karen is a sociopath who continued the tradition of the company to sacrifice humans to the Minotaur. She adapted the system to modern use and put the labyrinth into the skyscraper. She dealt ruthlessly with any threats as she tested Eve and then attempted to send them all in the labyrinth as sacrifices. When the Minotaur failed she wanted to kill the librarians herself. After they destroyed the labyrinth she was furious and swore vengeance against the librarians.


The LibrariansEdit

Season 1Edit


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