The Library

King Midas was a former king. His body was at some point transmuted into gold, and stored in The Library.


Flynn Carsen and Judson passed by King Midas' transmuted corpse during Flynn's first tour of the The Library.[1]


The Librarian[]


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Library display card for the artefact- made by user magicexpert28

Real Life Counterpart[]

Midas is thought to have been a rich king, who lived somewhere in modern Turkey. In Greek Mhthology, he is thought to have helped a god and was granted one wish. Midas, as miser as he was, wished that everything he touched became pure gold. At first, he loved his new gift, and began turning all of his palace's furniture and plants into gold. However, when he tried to eat, his food also became the inedible metal, and the people he touched became sculptures.