The Lake
The Lakes
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Use(s) Combining magic and science

The Ladies of the Lake, also known as the Lake Foundation, is a group of women who foresaw that there would come a time when magic and science were the same thing. They offered Cassandra Cillian a chance to join them but she refused; they also gave Eve Baird Excalibur. They are among the primary practitioners of Mathemagic.


The Lakes funded Wexler University student Lucy Lyons' Particle Accelerator Model.

During the final battle with Prospero after Eve Baird drowned Prospero's book, he tried to drown her but the Ladies of the Lake saved Eve and restored Excalibur. Eve rose from the water and passed the sword to Flynn Carsen who used the weapon to break Prospero's Staff.


  • In the Arthurian myths this is the lake which gives the 'du Lac' epithet to Lancelot. The Lady of the Lake bestows Excalibur on Arthur himself.
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