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Lady Sylalandria is the representative of the Fae Legions.


Attending the Conclave[]

Lady Sylalandria attended a Conclave because the Fei Lung were angered by the stealing of one of their pearls. When Dulaque arrived, he requested to be recognized, though was declined by Ezekiel Jones. Sylalandria, however, recognized him as Dulaque Son of Ban.[1]


Physically, Sylalandria appears to be an elf, with the slightly pointed ears and fine-boned features associated with that race.

Sylalandria flirted with Ezekiel Jones, but presumably this was due primarily to his role as Arbiter rather than a personal attraction of any great depth.


The Librarians[]

Season 1[]


  • Flynn Carsen, while under the influence of the Apple of Discord, suggested that Sylalandria deals with self-image issues by throwing herself at the opposite sex.
  • The name 'Sylalandria' is clearly meant to evoke sylvan imagery, i.e. woods and nature, and presumably (without copyright infringement) there may also be a 'Galadriel' aspect.


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