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Lenore Jones is a small-time thief who is the adopted mother of four children including Ezekiel Jones. Lenore swept up the three girls (Honor, Mercy and Charity) and one boy off the streets and taught them how to be thieves. Every year Lenore celebrates Thankstaking Day with her family to honor the Patron Saint of Thieves.

Lenore herself is not remotely in Ezekiel's league as a thief, and seems to be an impulse stealer, with little or no ability to plan. She likes ostentatious, gaudy gifts, and had no idea what a Fabergé egg was or why on Earth her son would give her one. Her idea of an impressive heist was Mercy stealing a pick-up truck straight off the lot.

In the wake of the events of Christmas 2017, she appears to have understood the value of giving and sharing, although Ezekiel was careful to point out that she had taken in and loved in her fashion four utterly unwanted kids, which to him showed her heart.


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