The Library
The Library

Lucy Lyons is a young woman fascinated by the thought that magic may be real, and conducting research at Wexler University to support her thesis. She bumps into Cassandra Cillian and Ezekiel Jones, who were likewise looking into events on the campus, although with a rather narrower focus.


Lucy's Particle Accelerator Model, in fact, is being subverted by the dark forces that helped to found the university to precipitate their intrusion into the real world, and Lucy's own determination and occasional arrogance make her a target of the Hybristic, the tentacled monstrosity which is drawn to and feeds upon souls of inflated ego. Cassie makes the argument to Jenkins that the Library has, in essence, failed such as Lucy by not providing them with guidance but rather burying all references to and information about magic.

Lucy's 'cross-pollinated' interests essentially make her a practitioner of Mathemagic, similar to Cassandra.


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  • In a number of versions of Arthurian tales, Lyonesse is a source of beautiful, determined women who are wooed by various knights.