Mr. Drake is the lawyer and representative of the Eastern Dragons, the Fei Lung.


The spokesman of the Eastern Dragons, he came to the Library after a pearl had been stolen by the Western Dragons. He demanded the pearl to be brought back or the Eastern Dragons would declare war on the Western. However, it was later revealed he secretly conspired with Dulaque and that he had stolen the pearl himself to create the threat of a war. This forced the counsel to gather in a conclave, in which Dulaque unsuccessfully tried to persuade them to give him control of the Library. However, Ezekiel later figured out Drake's betrayal, making him stop his threats and leave.[1]


The LibrariansEdit

Season 1Edit


  • 'Drake' is, of course, derived from the Latin 'draco' and Ancient Greek 'drakon', the same root as dragon, and is often used in modern storytelling to denote the smaller, less powerful varieties of such creatures.
  • Jenkins essentially considers him a massive snake in human form, although that is far more to do with his being a lawyer than his nature as a dragon.


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