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Mr. Franklin is a senior executive at Golden Axe Food Company.


Mr. Frankin was one of the senior executives at the Golden Axe Food Company. When the Librarians came to investigate the disappearance of eight missing interns, CEO Karen Willis had him escort them to the basement so that they would be trapped in the Labyrinth and killed by the Minotaur. When Eve Baird claimed to need to use the bathroom, he waited outside and then attempted to knock on the door, only to be knocked out by Eve, who hid him in the washroom and took his keycard.

Ms. Willis and Mr. Franklin later discussed the idea that the people investigating the company may be Librarians, but they dismissed the idea, as Mr. Franklin knew that the one Librarian they were aware of, Flynn Carsen, was most recently spotted in Budapest. Nonetheless, Ms. Willis told Mr. Franklin to expedite the timetable of their sacrifices to the Minotaur.

Mr. Franklin was last seen in Ms. Willis' office with her, discussing getting revenge on the Librarians, when the two heard the Minotaur growl. They opened the door to see if he was outside, but instead found themselves faced with him when they turned around.[1]


Mr. Franklin appears to be the second-in-command to Karen Willis at Golden Axe Foods, handling the details of the human sacrifices and keeping track of potential threats like the Librarians, as well as taking care of more mundane issues like lunch orders. He is willing to follow her orders without question, and doesn't have any qualms about taking part in ritual human sacrifice. Although he's clearly aware that the Librarians are a potential threat, Mr. Franklin doesn't recognize Eve's ploy to sneak into the server room, and is easily overpowered by her when she headbutts him to knock him unconscious.


  • Mr. Franklin is what the writers refer to as a "Smithers", named after Mr. Smithers from The Simpsons: a devoted lackey to the big boss, very useful but not particularly physically intimidating.[2]


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