The Library
The Library

The Nemesis Star's light being reflected

The Nemesis Star is a stellar mass that was trapped in the Sun Room of The Library in 1952.


Nemesis, like all stars of its size, is constantly emitting high levels of light and heat, as well as exploding violently. This makes the Sun Room a lethal environment, which cannot be entered directly.

Harnessing its power[]

To be able to use the energy radiated by the Nemesis Star, one must take certain precautions, like:

  • Keep all other people away from the area;
  • Wear a full-body, heatproof suit;
  • Use heatproof gloves;
  • Use powerful and durable mirrors to direct the star's rays.

Real Life Counterpart[]

The Nemesis Star was, in 1984, theorized as a possible cause for all of the mass extinctions that happen periodically on Earth. Due to its small size, It would be able to orbit the Sun, and would kill almost all life on Earth with its heat whenever it passed near enough to the latter.


  • Physicists Albert Einstein and Richard Feynman are said, in-universe, to be the ones that trapped the Nemesis Star in The Library.
  • The Sun Room is probably located in a pocket dimension, because, unless its doors are open, no heat nor light from the Nemesis Star can be felt.