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Santa's sleigh is the vehicle of Santa Claus.


Santa's sleigh was stolen by the Serpent Brotherhood and later used by Dulaque and Lamia to board the Librarians' plane in mid-air. Under the influence of Santa's hat, Dulaque told Lamia to escape in the sleigh.[1]

In 2017, Santa invited Eve, Flynn and Jenkins to join him and Gretchen for a winter vacation, and left the sleigh with the remaining three Librarians while they were away. Lenore Jones, Ezekiel's mum, 'borrowed' the Back Door Globe and wreaked havoc with her theft of presents, as well as purloining a painting from the Bank of Thieves, and thus from the Patron Saint of Thieves himself. In retribution, this 'Bad Santa' took the sleigh, his heart's eternal desire, but when Jenkins appeared with the pink slip declaring Santa's desire to give the coveted vehicle to his brother freely and willingly the dark one's hopes and dreams were shattered, for the Patron Saint of Thieves cannot accept any gift freely given. The trio of Librarians were able to whisk the sleigh back into place just as the vacationers returned, and Jenkins made Stone, Cassandra and Ezekiel the Christmas gift of his silence on the course of true events.


  • Flight: Lamia and Dulaque were able to catch the Librarians' plane in mid-air, using the sleigh.


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