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"Everyone, no matter what their choices are, have the potential for good."
—Santa Claus, "And Santa's Midnight Run"

Santa Claus is an immortal avatar of good will.


Santa Claus is an immortal avatar of good will who has taken on many incarnations over the course of time, including the Norse god Odin and Nikolas the Wondermaker. Although these incarnations have varied in personality and characteristics, they've all served the same purpose: gathering up the good will of humanity over the course of each year and gifting it back to the world as hope during the darkest time of winter.

As a powerful magic being, Santa attracted the attention of the Serpent Brotherhood during their quest to bring magic back into the world. On Christmas Eve in 2014, he was tricked into revealing himself when the soup kitchen he was volunteering in was held up by a man named Ian. When Santa talked him out of the robbery, he was hit with a mistletoe dart, which knocked him out and poisoned him. He was then taken to the Serpent Brotherhood's London base, where Dulaque revealed that he was intending to kill Santa at midnight in order to capture all of the magical energy stored within Santa. Santa attempted to persuade Lamia that she was going about things the wrong way, and appeared to shake her confidence, but Dulaque once again poisoned Santa.

Before Dulaque could put his plan into play, the Librarians arrived to rescue Santa. He recognized each of them, speaking to them by name--something Cassandra Cillian found exciting, while Ezekiel Jones and Jacob Stone were unsettled. As part of a plan to distract the Serpent Brotherhood, Eve Baird gave Santa's hat to Ezekiel, not knowing that it was the talisman of his current form, and had powers of its own.

When Eve accompanied Santa to find his sleigh, they discovered that it had been taken. Santa also started to lose focus due to the combination of the poison from Dulaque's darts and the loss of his hat, shifting from his current incarnation into Nikolas the Wondermaker, whom he hadn't been in centuries. As Jenkins advised Eve that the Serpent Brotherhood would be able to track them due to Santa's immense magical power, she reluctantly agreed to go on a road trip with Santa in order to get him to the North Pole. During the course of their journey, Santa attempted to talk with Eve about her dislike of Christmas, and her connection to the holiday. However, Eve refused to call him "Santa", deciding to call him "Nick" instead, and shut down any of his attempts to discuss her feelings about Christmas.

After Santa used his powers to speed up the truck Eve was driving and stranded them in northern Canada, Eve told him that the reason she didn't like Christmas was because she'd spent most of hers in war zones, which had left her disillusioned about humanity. Santa agreed that human actions, like war, could not be undone, but reminded her that human hearts could always be changed.

When they met up with Stone in a local town's bar, Santa shifted incarnations again, becoming Odin, the Viking god of battle and death. Stone explained that Odin had been the original incarnation of Santa, whom the Vikings had made sacrifices to at the winter solstice in order to ask for his protection. As Odin, Santa was an enthusiastic drinker, and when told he'd had enough, he started an enthusiastic bar fight with the locals.

Although Eve finally managed to get Santa on a plane, heading towards the Northern Lights, Santa was overwhelmed by both the immense amount of magic he was carrying and the poison in his system. When the plane was damaged by Lamia, in an attempt by the Serpent Brotherhood to kidnap Santa once again, they were forced to land at an abandoned survey station in Alaska, where Santa revealed that he was unable to deliver the gift into the world. Each Librarian was willing to take on the responsibility, even knowing it could kill them, but Santa said that it needed to be someone with a strong connection to Christmas: Eve, the baby born on the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve, and named for the holiday.

Santa explained that his power was not just that of good will, but of hope, which he spread throughout the world in one moment. He transferred his powers to Eve, who splintered across the world, bringing hope to those who needed it.

Santa made a full recovery from the attack by the Serpent Brotherhood and resumed his Christmas duties.[1]

In 2017, Santa brought Eve Baird, Flynn Carsen, and Jenkins on vacation with him to a party resort, leaving his sleigh in the hands of the remaining Librarians. When the sleigh ended up in the hands of Santa's brother, the Patron Saint of Thieves, Santa resolved the situation by giving the sleigh to his brother as a gift, knowing that the Saint of Thieves could only take ownership of stolen items.[2]

During the part of the year that isn't Christmas, Santa travels the world, witnessing and participating in acts of kindness. He also has a wife, Gretchen[1], and has elves that are the caretakers of the sleigh.[2].


The modern incarnation of Santa is a warm, friendly man, able to see the best in others even when they're doing bad things. Due to his powers, he knows who everyone is, and speaks to everyone he meets on a personal level. This can be unsettling to some people. As an avatar of good will and hope, he also believes very strongly in the power of humanity, especially the ability for people to have a change of heart and become better people.

Santa can also be quite stubborn, pushing at Eve when she's resisting her connection to Christmas, and somewhat irritating to those around him--his tendency to speak in the third person, for example, and his terrible taste in music.

It's heavily implied that Santa knows far more than what he lets on, and that many of the things that appear to be coincidences or random events may have been influenced by his powers. Over the course of the events of "And Santa's Midnight Run", everything falls into place so that each of the Librarians gets the wish that they expressed at the beginning of the episode: Cassandra gets to believe in Santa, Stone gets a bar brawl, and Ezekiel gets to be a good guy for a while. Santa also brings the gift of hope back to Eve, reminding her that there is more to the world than war.

His older incarnations have different personalities from the modern one. As Nikolas the Wondermaker, he is more of a trickster who enjoys messing with people--knocking down the Serpent Brotherhood thug, then putting a toy in Eve's shoe. As Odin, he is boisterous and temperamental, shifting from happy to aggressive very quickly.

Known Incarnations[]

  • Santa Claus: the current incarnation, whose talisman is a hat. Santa is a good-natured man who sees the best in people, and tries to convince them to be better versions of themselves.
  • Nikolas the Wondermaker: an older incarnation, whose talisman is a staff or rod. Nikolas is a prankster, known for hiding toys in children's shoes.
  • Odin: the oldest incarnation (according to Jacob Stone), a Viking god of battle and death. His talisman is unknown. Odin is a temperamental, rowdy sort who enjoys drinking and fighting.


Positive Energy Absorption: Santa Claus can channel all of the good will produced by humanity over the course of a year, absorb it, and release it as hope, continuing an age-long cycle.

Immortality: Santa Claus cannot die by any conventional means that would kill a human.

Temporary Omnipresence: When spreading the goodwill, Santa Claus can exist in every part of the world for a fraction of a second.

Power Transfer: Santa Claus can temporarily pass his goodwill-spreading powers to a human of his choice.

Shapeshifting and Incarnations: Santa's personality and appearance change over time depending on the prevailing beliefs of humanity. While Santa does not look like the pictures of Santa, all pictures of Santa look like Santa.

Shaping Reality: As Nikolas the Wondermaker, Santa can use his stick to magically create a physical event, as well as spontaneously creating toys. Santa also appears to have the ability to influence circumstances around him in order to bring about certain events. He is also able to move vehicles at an impossible pace, including across large bodies of water.

Minor Omniscience/Empathy: Santa knows who everyone is, and has the ability to understand who they are and what drives them.

Invisibility: As Nikolas the Wondermaker, Santa has the ability to turn invisible.


Poinsetta, Mistletoe, and Holly: An "old hedge magic" poison created by Dulaque, this was used in dart form to knock Santa unconscious, and left him weakened and unable to focus.

Losing His Talisman: Santa's incarnations are tied to a talisman, a magical symbol of the current version of himself. Without it, he is more susceptible to poison, and finds it difficult to maintain stability, shifting unexpectedly into older incarnations.


The Librarians[]

Season 1[]

Season 4[]


  • "Everyone, no matter what their choices are, have the potential for good."
  • "It's never too late to take in the Christmas spirit."
  • "Ho, ho, ho, Santa does not look like any of the pictures, but all the pictures look like Santa, Ezekiel Jones."
  • Santa: "Ho, ho..."
    Eve Baird: "And don't ho."
    Santa: "Ho, ho.."
    Eve Baird: "Nick, don't ho."
    Santa: "You have to let Santa get to the third ho. Otherwise it sticks to Santa's head."
    Eve Baird: "I don't care."
    Santa, very quietly: "Ho, ho..."
    Eve Baird: "I hear you."
  • "As long as you're with people, you belong. The entire human race belongs together."
  • "A human action, once taken, can never be changed, but a human heart, that can always be changed."
  • "Santa can fly large objects through the air."
  • Eve Baird: "I think I can survive spreading around some goodwill."
    Santa: "Good will? Who told you? Jenkins? But he never really understood. When a person commits an act of goodwill, it does not just create more goodwill, it transforms into something better, into a gift for their fellow man. So I give you, Eve Baird, all of humanity's goodwill. Now, go and give them back the gift... Of hope."


  • The actual origins of the modern version of Santa Claus are somewhat complicated, as the legend has been influenced by a wide range of cultures and beliefs, including Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, and older pagan traditions.
  • Although Odin is referred by Stone to as the "Viking god of battle and death", the Norse god Odin covered a much wider range: he was also the god of healing, wisdom, and poetry, amongst other things.
  • As per John Rogers, "Santa conforms to whatever cultural definition he's bound by at the time." At other points in time, he would have released the gift of hope on the winter solstice.[3]
  • Santa is implied to be far more powerful than he appears:
    • Jenkins says he's "nearly all-powerful".
    • Not only did everyone get their wish, including Eve, who never spoke one aloud, but Eve's experience spreading hope through the world served to help her later, in the events around the Loom of Fate.
    • Likewise, the events involving the stolen sleigh resulted in Ezekiel becoming closer to his family, and his mother having a change of heart.
    • Despite being kidnapped and having his life threatened, Santa never seemed to be truly concerned about the danger he was in, except from the last few moments before he passed his powers to Eve. He also didn't speak up when Eve took his hat, even knowing that he would be more susceptible to the poison without it.
    • John Rogers acknowledged this on his blog, saying, "it's almost as if things needed to go exactly as they did. As if there's some other plot going on in the background.  I mean, really, Santa is very powerful ...".[3]


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