The Library

Season 1 is the first season of The Librarians. It premiered on December 7, 2014 and ended January 18, 2015. The primary antagonists are Dulaque and the Serpent Brotherhood.


Four ordinary people with extraordinary talents discover that they have been selected by Flynn to work for The Library, an ancient fellowship of knowledge and heroism. The quartet travels the world investigating strange occurrences, battling ancient conspiracies and protecting the innocent from the dangerous, secret world of magic.[1]





# Image Title Air date
1 And the Crown of King Arthur Title Card.png And the Crown of King Arthur December 7, 2014
Someone is killing off potential Librarians and it's up to Flynn Carsen and his new Guardian, Colonel Eve Baird, to save the three that are left.
2 And the Sword in the Stone Title Card.png And the Sword in the Stone December 7, 2014
The Serpent Brotherhood is trying to return magic to our world. Flynn, Colonel Baird, and the potential Librarians must stop them before it's too late.
3 And the Horns of a Dilemma title card.png And the Horns of a Dilemma December 14, 2014
The Librarians' first solo mission hits a snag when Baird loses the others in a mysterious Labyrinth that magically exists below the skyscraper of a modern corporation.
4 And Santa's Midnight Run title card.png And Santa's Midnight Run December 21, 2014
When the Serpent Brotherhood wants to kill Santa, the Librarians must rescue him and help him accomplish the true, secret purpose of Christmas.
5 And the Apple of Discord title card.png And the Apple of Discord December 28, 2014

When the dragons sleeping beneath the earth threaten to awaken and wreak havoc around the world, Flynn returns to help find their hidden treasure.

6 And the Fables of Doom title card.png And the Fables of Doom January 4, 2015

The Librarians travel to a town where fairy tales are coming to life – and attacking.

7 And the Rule of Three title card.png And the Rule of Three January 11, 2015

When a group of competitive high-school students start undercutting each other with witchcraft, the Librarians have to intercede before disaster destroys them all.

8 And the Heart of Darkness title card.png And the Heart of Darkness January 11, 2015

The Librarians encounter the House behind the legend of ALL haunted houses and set out to destroy it.

9 And the City of Light title card.png And the City of Light January 18, 2015

A missing-person investigation uncovers what appears to be an alien invasion in a small rural town.

10 And the Loom of Fate title card.png And the Loom of Fate January 18, 2015

When Dulaque changes the course of Fate, Baird starts moving through alternate timelines, each showing the changing destinies of the Librarians - and her own inevitable doom.

Original Episode Order[]

Due to the fact that the season was already well into production before the airing schedule was fully set, the episodes were originally planned to air in a different order:

  1. "And the Crown of King Arthur"
  2. "And the Sword in the Stone"
  3. "And the Horns of a Dilemma"
  4. "And the Fables of Doom"
  5. "And the Heart of Darkness"
  6. "And Santa's Midnight Run"
  7. "And the Apple of Discord"
  8. "And the City of Light"
  9. "And the Rule of Three"
  10. "And the Loom of Fate"[2]

The original airing order provides more clearly developed character and story arcs, especially for the development of the team. While some fans had hoped that this order would be used for the DVDs, the broadcast order was used instead.


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