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Season 2
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Season 2
Episodes 10[1]
Run November 1, 2015-December 27, 2015
Previous Season 1
Next Season 3

Season 2 is the second season of The Librarians. It aired during the 2015-2016 television season.[2] The primary antagonist for the season is Prospero.

Certain plot pointsEdit

  • Various items disappear from The Library.[3]
  • Flynn meets Ray Glasney, a strange man who can retrieve Library artifacts from his pocket.[3]
  • Ray is searching for the Staff of Zarathustra and needs The Eye to find it.[3]
  • Eve meets James Moriarty, who is pulled out of time.[4]
  • Moriarty comes into conflict with the Librarians when he tries to locate the Staff of Zarathustra.[4]
  • Jacob Stone's father, Isaac, is introduced.[4]
  • The Librarians investigate a mysterious hole in a Native American burial ground, which leads to a cave which is covered with mysterious markings. A shape-shifting monster is unleashed, who takes the forms of various characters.[4]

Episodes Edit

  1. "... And the Drowned Book"
  2. "... And the Broken Staff"
  3. "... And What Lies Beneath the Stones"
  4. "... And the Cost of Education"
  5. "... And the Hollow Men"
  6. "... And the Infernal Contract"
  7. "... And the Image of Image"
  8. "... And the Point of Salvation"
  9. "... And the Happily Ever Afters"
  10. "... And the Final Curtain"


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