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I know different wikis have different rules, but do we really want to essentially summarize every single episode on every character's page?  I mean, an enclyopedia doesn't relate every event in a person's life.  I know it's hard to know what's going to be important (at least until the end of the season), but if the show lasts 5 years we'll end up with 50+ episode synopses on all the pages instead of each character having an entry that hits only the high-points/significant events and gives an overall look at the character.  I also wanted to ask if we're treating aired episode order or DVD order or intended order as canon. 19:15, January 15, 2015 (UTC)

Those kinds of descriptions should go on the individual episode pages. I'm not sure why that much detail per episode is on Ezekiel's page. As to the order of the episode, I haven't read enough of John Rogers' blog to know if there really is a difference between aired order and intended order. He has made mention of things like "episode X was filmed later but broadcast ahead of earlier episodes". —RRabbit42 (leave a message) 06:17, January 21, 2015 (UTC)
This post gives the order originally intended (copy-pasted section)
  • Crown/Stone: Re-establish the mythology, set up the characters and the return of magic.
  • Horns of a Dilemma: Being the team's journey to learn to work together. Badly.  Oh, and the back door. Somewhat Baird-y, but we tagged all the relationships.
  • Fables of Doom: Team still not working together great, Ezekiel-centric.
  • Heart of Darkness (will air 8th): Still spiky, addresses everyone's relationship with Cassandra.
  • Santa: Team working better together, bonding over Christmas, Eve-centric.
  • Apple of Discord: Bring Flynn back, which eats a lot of show, and round-robin through how the team as changed.
  • City of Light: Big Stone episode. (Will air 9th)
  • Rule of Three: Very much a team episode, although some juicy Jenkins goodness in here (air 7th)
  • Loom of Fate: ... spoilers. I've read from others that he also said DVD order will be different than airing order, but not necessarily the same as originally intended order, but haven't read that post myself as I don't tend to follow that sort of thing (as a general rule, I like to stick to just what's in the episodes and not have outside influences or possible spoilers or such).  Tzigone (talk) 18:47, January 23, 2015 (UTC)