The Library
The Library

Teddy Chislington was the Librarian in the late 19th century.


Teddy Chislington was a mathematician, poet, scholar, adventurer and bon vivant. He was a dedicated and eccentric librarian. In 1886 Chislington recovered a number of artifacts including the Eye of Ra from the Petrie collection in the British Museum. May 20, 1886, he boarded the ship Tibbar in order to travel back to New York and return the artifacts to the Library. On June 4, 1886, Chislington and the 88 other passengers of the Tibbar were caught in the perfect storm and the ship sunk in the center of the Bermuda Triangle. Chislington created a Lewis Carroll inspired extra-dimensional magic safe in order to protect the Eye of Ra. He remained to guard the "Looking Glass Rabbit Hole ” until a Librarian could come and prove themselves worthy of claiming the Eye of Ra. After Flynn Carsen proved that he was pure of heart, Chislington awarded Flynn the Eye and informed him about the artifact's required sacrifice.


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