The Library

The Librarians is a comic book tie-in series featuring the characters from The Librarians. It ran for four issues, from September through December 2017, and was published by Dynamite Entertainment.


Way back in the swinging '70s, movie producer Sol Schick was the guy behind such cheesy classics as "Quarry: Bigfoot!," "Noah's Ark: Found at Last!" and "Heavenly Visitors from the Hell Above." But when he's murdered - at a film festival! - with a piece of Noah's Ark! - THE LIBRARIANS are drawn into the mystery. Can their combination of special skills, obsessive curiosity and knowledge of forgotten lore figure out who - or what - spelled doom for Schick? And as they delve deeper into his past, is it possible that things are not as they seem and that all his crazy, wild movies...were telling the truth?[1]


  1. The Librarians #1 (September 13, 2017)
  2. The Librarians #2 (October 11, 2017)
  3. The Librarians #3 (November 8, 2017)
  4. The Librarians #4 (December 13, 2017)
  • The Librarians: Vol. 1: In Search Of... (trade paperback, July 11, 2018)


The series was originally announced on March 21, 2017. At the time, the expectation was that there would be a series of comics and graphic novels[2]. The creative team and series launch date was announced on June 20, 2017, with a pre-order date of July 2017 for the first issue. The series ran just before the fourth season of the television series aired.[3] The series was released both in traditional printed format and in digital format through a variety of digital platforms.[3] A trade paperback gathering all four issues of the series was released on July 11, 2018.[1]

The writer for the comics, Will Pfeifer, described his interest in the series in a press release from Dynamite: "The thing that really attracted me to The Librarians as a concept is that they're not just another group out to save the world. I mean, sure, they end up saving the world and seeing that mankind lives to see another day and all that, but their real focus is knowledge - getting it, keeping it and seeing that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. In this day and age, a group of smart folks trying to get smarter is the sort of role model we need, and the fact that this knowledge always seems to be of the forbidden, arcane variety is what keeps things interesting. I had a great time coming up with some bizarre mysteries for them to uncover, and the combination of curiosity, humor and good ol' adventure made writing the series a real pleasure!"[3]

By October 2017 - just one month after the first issue went on sale - the fourth issue was announced as the final issue of the series.[4] The planned series of graphic novels never happened, and an art book retrospective that was supposed to be published by Dynamite in 2018 also appears to have been dropped.[5]