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The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase is a book by Greg Cox about the Librarians and their attempts to track down the Mother Goose spellbook.[1]

Official Summary[]

For millennia, the Librarians have secretly protected the world by keeping watch over dangerous magical relics. Cataloging and safeguarding everything from Excalibur to Pandora’s Box, they stand between humanity and those who would use the relics for evil.

Stories have power.

In 1719, Elizabeth Goose published a collection of rhyming spells as a children's book, creating a spellbook of terrifying power. The Librarian of that age managed to dispose of all copies of the book except one, which remained in the possession of Elizabeth Goose and her family, temporarily averting any potential disaster.

Now, strange things are happening around the world. A tree-trimmer in Florida is blown off his elevated perch by a freak gust of wind, a woman in rural Pennsylvania is attacked by mutant rodents without any eyes, and a college professor in England finds herself trapped inside a prize pumpkin at a local farmer’s market. Baird and her team of Librarians suspect that the magic of Mother Goose is again loose in the world, and with Flynn AWOL—again—it is up to Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Stone to track down the missing spellbook before the true power of the rhymes can be unleashed.[2]


  • Ezekiel converted his copy of the clippings book into an app for his phone.
  • The Librarian in 1918 was a female.
  • Allegedly, Rasputin was still alive in 1918, although history indicates he died in 1916.
  • Stone can shoot a bow & arrow.
  • Elizabeth Goose's many descendants are mentioned.
  • 'Mother Goose' is a title much like The Librarian.
  • The library has magic goats on Level 4.
  • Eve recalls seeing a thunderbird with Flynn in the Cascade mountains the summer prior to this story.
  • Humpty Dumpty represents the world egg of creation.
  • Jenkins knows that Ezekiel does not steal from the library because there is no challenge in it.
  • The Goose who laid the the golden eggs still resides in the Library as seen in the movies. She is the mate of the 'gander' that Mother Goose rides on.
  • At least some of the golden eggs were used to make rings connected to Wagner (The Ring Cycle) and Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings).
  • The Dead Man's Chest is stored in the library and contains 15 evil spirits.
  • Other items revealed to be stored in the Library include the literal Grapes of Wrath, Maxwell's Demon, a room called the Theoretical Bestiary, the Book of the Fourth Magi, Anastasia's cursed tiara, Cinderella's glass slippers, Sleeping Beauty's spinning wheel and spindle, a Music History room, the Antiquities Room, the Golden Camel of Marrakesh, Vulcan's golden net, Cupid's arrows, the Hive of Giant Bees, Red Riding Hood's cape, The Frozen Land of Giants, The Lost Jungle, the Ozymandias Room, the Seven Pillar of Wisdom, the Maltese Falcon, Dragomiloff’s Guide to Lethal Implements, Artificial Pets and Wildlife collection, the Jewels of Opar, Subsection IX of the Archives, where are kept rare, often one-of-a-kind documents including Ultra Charta, The Arcturus Compact, The Transubstantiation Proclamation, the original deed to the Library of Alexandria, the Mother Goose Treaty of 1918; Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes, The Secret Memoirs of Tom Thumb and Rip Van Winkle’s Dream Journal,
  • The Large Animals Annex houses (among others) elephants, whales, dinosaurs, leviathans, shapeshifters, chimeras, and hybrids.
  • Jake Stone makes an allusion to the tv show Leverage, in which his actor had a starring role.


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