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The Library

The Librarians and the Pot of Gold is the third tie-in novel written by Greg Cox.

Official Summary[]

The adventures of the Librarians continue in Ireland in this third stand-alone adventure.[1]


When the Serpent Brotherhood resurfaces, searching for a leprechaun's pot of gold, and a bartender finds herself haunted by a Banshee, the Librarians find themselves drawn into the world of Irish myths and legends.


  • The Phantom of the Opera was inspired by true events.
  • The modern day portion takes place after the season three finale as evidenced by Ezikiel’s familiarity (and impatience) with vampires, and the myriad pieces of DOSA equipment Baird has for missions.
  • The flashbacks take place in 441 AD.
  • A Librarian named Erasmus helped St Patrick drive the 'snakes’ (the Serpent Brotherhood) from Ireland.
  • His guardian was a Pict woman named Deirdre.


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