The Library

The Library is a magical building that houses mythical artifacts, and books.


In 2004, the Serpent Brotherhood managed to break in the Library and steal the Spear of Destiny.[1] In 2014 Lamia led a group of members of the Serpent Brotherhood to raid the Library, after being given access by Cassandra Cillian. They managed to steal multiple items, which forced Judson and Charlene to activate a mechanism that destroys the connection between the world and the alternate dimension the Library exists in.[2] Jenkins later mentioned at the Annex they would be able to access the documents and the office of the Library and most of its resources.[3]

When the Library came back from the void[4] the shock stripped it of its intelligence which was projected into a human named Ray Glasney [5]. He didn't have any memory of who he was, but was driving around in a Book Mobile van and sometimes he just got artifacts out of his pocket, which were then missing from the Library. It was also the reason the rooms in the Library were suddenly rearranging themselves.

Without the intelligence the Library was eating itself,[5] seen by the increasing of shadows, and if it were to go entirely dark it would mean the Library would be dead. With the help of Ghost lights which were feeding the Library, the Librarians were able to extend this project until Flynn Carsen was able to bring back Ray Glasney to merge with the Library again.

After the defeat of Prospero, it seems that the Library was back to normal, with all missing artifacts back [6] and the rooms probably back to where they belong.

Connection to the world of Man[]

Those who work at the Library (Librarian, Guardians, Caretakers and Custodians) become infused by the magic of the Library, and they take that into the world with them. If the connection is severed, humanity will be cut adrift from learning, curiosity, investigation, knowledge, and wisdom.

Likewise, it is dependent upon the ones that work at the Library having belief in it, in order to maintain a physical presence. If that belief destroyed or otherwise broken, the Library ceases to exist.[7]


Wikipedia page This is a different list, although the items therein have not all been validated.

Name Episode(s) Description
Ahwahneechee Yosemite Indians folio S01E06
Albert Einstein's Higher Dimensional Quantum Translocation Theory S01E02 Unedited version
Ali Baba's Flying Carpet Movies
Amelia Earhart's Airplane Movies
Angrboda Crystal S03E03 Currently passing through a centuries-long recharge period
Anchor Chain S01E01 Binds the library to our dimension
The Ankh S03E01 Opens the gateway to Pure Evil
Apple of Discord S01E05 Turns people into the worse version of themselves
Appointment Book S01E09 Engagements for future librarians.
Ark of the Covenant The Librarian: Quest for the Spear Contains the stone tablets brought down to the Israelites by Moses from God. Smites those who touch it without God's permission.
Bathsheba's Oil of Healing S01E01, E10 Heals non-magical wounds, slows magical ones
Bigfoot S01E01
Blackbeard's Treasure Chest Movie: Judas Chalice
Book of the Dead S03E01 Eygptian grimoire containing all the necromantic incantations of the Old Kingdom
Book of Life Egyptian spell-book that is the magical opposite of the Book of the Dead
Book of Solomon Movie: Solomon's Mines Magical tome used by Solomon to rule his people; grants the possessor space/reality-bending and necromantic powers.
Bracer of Agamemnon S02E02 Used in conjunction with the Helm of Poseidon and Gauntlets of Athena to "defuse" Zeus's lightning bolt.
Bust of Nefertiti S02E02
Cap of Invisibility S03E10 Belonged to the Greek god Hades; renders the wearer completely invisible.
Cinderella's Glass Slippers The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase|
Chess Set from the Mirror Lands S02E05 mentioned in subsequent episodes

S02E06 (mentioned)

Clippings book S01 E01 to S03 E010 Gets new pages whenever something in the media turns up that has to do with an artifact. Although it exploded in season 3 it has since been repaired.
Countdown Clock S04E09
Crown of King Arthur S01E01, S01E02 Controls magical items
Cupid's Arrows The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase
Crystal skull

Movie: Return to King Solomon's Mines


Magical totem that once stood over the gates of Atlantis, grants the possessor the power of foresight.
Dead Man's Chest The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase Awakens with wild magic and tries to devour as much treasure as possible.
Diary of Leonardo da Vinci Movie: Judas Chalice Contains all of Da Vinci's experiments and theories.
Dollhouse Replica of The House of Refuge S01E08
Evil doll S02E01 Made of wood


S01E01, S01E02, S02E10, S04E01, S04E04, S04E10

Sentient sword
Eye of Ra S03E05, S03E10 Can absorb and seal all the Pure Evil, but requires a human sacrifice
Eye of Wotan S03E05 (mentioned)
Eye of Zarathustra S02E05 Sumarian, Akkadian crystal; Key to Lost Knowledge
Faberge Egg S03E10
First Caduceus S02E05
First edition books multiple first editions
Fontainebleu Diadem S03E05 (mentioned)
Fountain of Youth

Movie: Judas Chalice

S03E06 (mentioned)

Magical fountain; found in Saint Augustine, Florida. Any who drink from it are granted back their youth.
Gabriel's Horn

S03E01 (mentioned)

The Horn of the Archangel Gabriel intended to signify the start of the Apocalypse.
Gaelic Vampires S03E08
Gauntlets of Athena S02E02 Needed along with the Helm of Poseidon and Bracer of Agamemnon to safely handle Zeus's lightning bolt.
Genie's Lamp

S01E06 (mentioned)

The Librarians and the Lost Lamp

Ghost Lights S02E05 From theaters in western world. Use emotions as fuel
Glass of Narcissus S02E01
Glowing green glass A large piece of it is seen near the entrance
Gold Buddha Statue
Golden Camel of Marrakesh S02E02 Went missing until the end of Season 2 Book #2
Golden Fleece The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase
Golden Goose Movie: Quest for the Spear, Book #2 Lays golden eggs. Is the mate of the gander that transports Mother Goose

S02E06 (mentioned), Book 2

on the 4th floor
Grapes of Wrath Book #2
H.G. Wells' Time Machine Movie: Judas Chalice
Helm of Hermes S02E02 Violently explodes if it touches the Helm of Mercury
Helm of Mercury S02E02 Violently explodes if it touches the Helm of Hermes
Helm of Poseidon S02E02 Together with the Gauntlets of Athena and Bracer of Agamemnon, it neutralized Zeus's lightning bolt.
Helm of Troy mentioned in S03E09
Hercules' Club S03E09
Holy Grail Movie: Quest for the Spear Flyn breaks it, but it self-repairs. Jenkins reveals there is a second grail as well.
Idol of Agamanzo S02E01 Acquired from the Temple of Agamanzo. Made a small volcano erupt.
Interstellar Wireless
Invisibility Cloak of Perseus S03 E02
Items Annex
Jet Pack Movie: Quest for the Spear Used by Jenkin's in Book #2
Jewels of Opar Book #2 (mentioned)
Judas Chalice Movie: Judas Chalice The unholy counterpart to the Holy Grail; can be used to ressurect dead vampires and bestow enhanced powers on living vampires.
King Midas' transmuted corpse Movie: Quest for the Spear Touching it is not advised
King Tut's Throne
Libris Fabula S01 E06, S01 E10 Brings fairytales to life, transfers life force from the listener to the reader.
Little Red Riding Hood's Cloak Book 2 Red cape, useful against wolves.
Loch Ness Monster (Nessie)

Movie: Judas Chalice


Nessie has since returned to her loch, but left an egg that hatched and imprinted on Ezekiel
Magical Flutes of Pan S02E05, S04E01, Movie: Solomon's Mines; Book #2 (mentioned) Sentient; when played it make others sleep.  Lost for a short time, but recovered in season 2.
Maltese Falcon
Medieval suits of armor and weaponry
Medusa's Head

Movie:Solomon's Mines


If someone look directly into her eyes, turned to stone.
Mimiko's Mirror S03E04 Formerly belonged to a Japanese shaman queen
Mona Lisa Movie: Quest for the Spear
Mozart's Piano S03E01
Munchausen's Top S02E06
The Murder Harp S03E09 It is assumed that Flynn and Charlene retrieved this item as it was "on the top of Jenkin's most wanted list."
Nautilus Submarine Movie: Judas Chalice
Necromancer's Manual S03E03
Nemesis Star aka second sun S02E01 Trapped by Einstein & Feynman in 1952 using Roswell technology; stored in the Sun Room
Noah's Ark Movie:Judas Chalice Too big to be stored in most rooms of The Library
Nwyfre Runestone S03E01 Recovered from angry druids
Opal of Samara S01E01 Causes a zombie apocalypse if activated
Pandora's box Movie:Quest for the Spear Contains an evil spirit that, if released, would control the world for 1000 years
Paradise Lost Annotated version from Thompson Dieter's arcane book collection
Philosopher's stone Movie:Judas Chalice Turns objects it touches into gold
Poseidon's Trident Movie:Solomon's Mines
Prophecy Cube S03E04 Reveals a possible future, then makes it real
Ruyi Jingu Bang
Scepter of Korb S03E05
Shakespeare's ''The Tempest'' S02E02 Original folio
Shakespeare's Quill S02E10 Made from the Tree of Knowledge; things written with it can become true
Shield of Angkor S03E09
Shroud of Turin Movie:Solomon's Mines
Spinning Wheel of Clotho S03E01
Sir Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica S01E02 Unedited Version with references to Atlantis
Sitting Bull's feather
Spear of Ares S02E02 Violently explodes if it touches the Spear of Mars
Spear of Destiny Movie: Quest for the Spear Too powerful to be destroyed
Spear of Mars S02E02 Violently explodes if it touches the Spear of Ares
Staff of Knowledge

S02E02 (mentioned)

Staff of Ra
Staff of Zarathustra S02E05 Found in the Temple of Zarathustra
Stone Heads
Star of Mirakesh S01E02 Once owned by John Dee
Tesla Hoop S01E01
The 10 Commandments Original Stone Tablets
The Thread S01 E03, S01 E10 Theseus' Ball of Twine (formerly)
Thompson Dieter's arcane book collection Including: an annotated version of Paradise Lost
Thor's Hammer

S02E01 (mentioned)

Tree of Confucius S02E02
Tree of Knowledge S02E02 "The Heart of The Library". Vital to the existence of Knowledge itself
Tree of Life S02E02
Tree of Sorrow (possibly) S02E02
Unicorn Movie: Quest for the Spear, Book #2
Various plants and shrubs
Vulcan's Golden Net Book #2 Used by Vulcan to catch Venus and Mars in bed.
Wolf's Whistle
Zeus's lightning bolt S02E02 Legendary weapon. Both very powerful and very unstable

Rooms, Floors, Wings[]

Name Episode(s) Description

Sun Room

S02E02 containing the Nemesis Star (second sun)
Frozen Land of Giants
Room of Eternal Fire

S02E06 (mentioned)

used to help the Chupacabra make jerky
Large Collections Annex The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice For storing oversize items like Noah's Ark
Lost Jungle Kingdom
Hive of Giant Bees S02E01, Book #2 (mentioned)
Ozzymandias Room Book #2 (mentioned)
Reading Room The largest collection of actual books in the library. Serves as the iconic image of The Library
Antiquities Room The oldest room in the Library. Stores many powerful artifacts from the Greco-Roman era.
Large Animals Room Book #2 Includes elephants, whales, dinosaurs, leviathans, shapeshifters, chimeras, and hybrids
Locked basement room S02E10 In the sub-sub-basement. Opened by Jenkins in Season 2 finale. Held statute of Flynn and Eve kissing until they were awoken by Cassandra's voice
Theater room
Occult Section

S02E04 (mentioned)

Mixed in with the French cookbooks and infested with 3 foot long spiders during Library confusion
Xenobia Wing In the Attic (for 5 centuries) but during Library confusion in the secondary sub-basement
Card Catalog S02E02 Has the power to access any of the books found in the library. Has an identical layout to the Annex. Serves as the Librarian's office.
Time Machine room S02E10 Holds time machines that are locked down and taken apart so nobody can ever use them.
Theoretical Animals wing

S02E10 (mentioned)

Where Schrodinger's Cat is kept
Corridor of Doors S01E02, S02E02, S03E10 Hallway of doors that are portals to locations inside and outside the Library.
Modern Artifact Wing


Newest wing. Holds artifacts created in modern times.
The Annex Kitchen S03E09
Chamber of Memories S03E09 "Candle Room"; Each candle is linked to the soul of somebody who is connected to the library. If the candle is burning the person is still alive and if not they are a memory.
Library’s backdoor S03E10 secret entrance into the library through airshaft. The door is hidden behind a bookcase that slides out of the way when the door is open. Near the Corridor of Doors
Catacombs S03E10 If the library catacombs are fractured pure evil can be released.
Library Dungeon S04E01 Secret dungeon that held Nicole Noone for 100 years. The entrance to the dungeon is hidden under the lion statue in the main entrance.


The Librarian[]

The Librarians[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]


  • The Library exists in an alternate dimension.
  • It is said to have been built more than two thousand years ago by Yahuda, originally in Alexandria, Egypt.[1]
  • The Library has been stated to be one of the most secure places in the world.
  • It is said that the Library is "as big as it needs to be" to house its collection of artifacts.
  • The Library is made up of two parts: its physical body which is the infinite space to hold artifacts, and the spirit of the library which is the intelligence that organizes and defends the body.
  • The Library was specifically designed to keep out the Reaper. This was, however, circumvented when Eve Baird was trapped inside a Prophecy Cube which was in the Library.
  • If the Library were to materialize, it would implode, as its infinite size is not allowed by Earth's laws of physics.