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The Wardenclyffe Falls townspeople are a group of 87 people who resided in the town of Wardenclyffe Falls and were knocked out of sync with the rest of the world after an experiment by Nikola Tesla went awry.[1]


In 1915, Nikola Tesla was running an experiment to test a prototype wireless power transmission system in the town of Wardenclyffe Falls. Unfortunately, when the system was turned on, it had the unexpected effect of knocking the townspeople out of sync with the rest of the world, trapping them between dimensions. Although Tesla was able to convert the transmission system to keep them stable, they remained incorporeal, able to see the world but not interact with it. Knowing that the system he had built to re-integrate the townspeople would not be fully powered within his lifetime, Tesla made a deal with the government to keep the stabilizing system and town area intact.

In the location of Wardenclyffe Falls, a new town named Collins Falls was built, named for Mabel Collins, the only person from Wardenclyffe Falls who had been able to stay within her own body. With Mabel running the town, and the incorporeal townspeople able to borrow the bodies of the residents of the new citizens, they managed to keep both the stabilizing system and the re-integration system functioning for a hundred years.

In 2014, the re-integration system was both fully powered and on the verge of collapse. One of the townspeople, Norman, an engineer, borrowed the body of visiting UFO investigator Victor Finch in order to keep the system functional. When the Librarians were alerted to Victor's disappearance, they came to investigate, and eventually uncovered the truth of the town. Although they attempted to run the re-integration system, it was unstable, and Mabel Collins shut it down at the cost of her life, leaving the townspeople trapped.[1]

Known Members[]


Body Snatching: The townspeople are able to borrow the physical bodies of people around them. The energy field created by the townspeople interferes with the memory of the people whose bodies they are in, leaving them unable to remember the possession or the events leading to it.

Immortality: The townspeople do not seem to age or be affected by the passage of time.

Energy Forms: When not in someone else's body, the townspeople are made of energy, invisible to the human eye.


The Librarians[]

Season 1[]


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