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The Western Dragons are a faction of dragons living in Europe.[1]


The Western Dragons have a 3000-year-old blood feud with the The Fei Lung, also known as the Eastern Dragons. Both factions are are very possessive and are willing to wreak havoc when disrespected. Their anger has caused unusual weather patterns, geysers, earthquakes, and other natural disasters that have been recorded across the centuries, including the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

When the Mystic Pearl of the Fei Lung was stolen in 2014, the Western Dragons were blamed for the theft. In order to track down the Pearl, the Librarians went to the most recent stronghold of the Western Dragons, located in a series of caverns hidden beneath the city of Rome. The Librarians located the Pearl in a booby-trapped room within the stronghold, and were then trapped there by Jacob Stone, who was under the influence of the Apple of Discord hidden within the Pearl. As they attempted to find an exit, Flynn Carsen, Eve Baird, and Cassandra Cillian encountered one of the Western Dragons, who spoke to them in Latin and told them that they had not been behind the theft of the Pearl. When the Librarians asked for help getting out of the caverns, the dragon seemed amused, but did create an exit for them.[1]

In the alternate timeline where Cassandra became the sole Librarian, the dragons awakened and rule the skies. While Cassandra has saved most people from the dragons, they remain such a strong threat.[2]


The Western Dragons in flight in the universe where Cassandra Cillian is the sole Librarian.

Like all dragons, the Western Dragons are intelligent and incredibly powerful, but also possessive and tempermental. They live beneath the earth and sleep 90% of the time, and can cause great destruction when awakened. Flynn describes the Western Dragons as hot-headed, but more consistent than their Eastern counterparts; Jenkins, however, disagrees and says that they are "thugs" and "hoarders". The Western Dragon encountered by the Librarians under Rome was willing to help them escape the caverns, and seemed amused at their intrusion rather than angry.[1]

Western Dragons are capable of flight and are implied to breathe fire[2], as well as having some level of magical abilities -- the dragon under Rome was apparently able to magically create a door for the Librarians to use[3]. They enjoy puzzles and riddles, as well as liking Russ Meyer movies. Dragons also cannot lie - it's part of their being magic.[1]


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