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The Wireless Power Transfer Transmitters were wireless energy and communication prototypes created by Nikola Tesla in 1915.[1]


Tesla created an experimental set of wireless power transmitters, designed to look like gas lamps, and installed them throughout the town of Wardenclyffe Falls, which had been created for this purpose. In 1915, he activated the transmitters, but the experiment failed catastrophically, resulting in 87 residents of the town being pushed out of sync with the rest of the world.

The residents were caught in an energy discharge and trapped between dimensions, able to see the rest of the world but not interact with it. Tesla modified the transmitters to create a stabilizing energy field, keeping the incorporeal residents from fading into nothing.

When the incident happened, Mabel Collins was partially insulated due to being in the control room. This allowed Tesla turned her into a “grounding wire”, keeping her in her physical body and allowing her to interact with the world. However, the wireless power transmitters also stabilize Mabel; if she were to cross the circuit border, she would cease to exist, like the rest of the citizens of Wardenclyffe Falls.

Although Tesla built a reintegration system at the local dam, the power needed would not be built up until well after his death. In order to protect the reintegration system and the stabilizing circuit, he gave the government a number of his patents in exchange for the continued existence of the dam, as well as a new town in the same location, now called Collins Falls after Mabel Collins. The new town was arranged around the wireless transmitters, allowing the townspeople to remain stable within it.

In 2014, the victims caught out of phase attempted to use the reintegration system with the help of the Librarians. However, Tesla’s capacitor was badly deteriorated, and Cassandra Cillian realized that if it malfunctioned, it would not only destroy the stabilizing wireless power transmitters, but could also cause a chain reaction that would cause explosions for hundreds of miles. The decision was made to shut off the reintegration system, which saved the stabilization circuit, but also meant that the townspeople remained trapped. Knowing that it would take a long time for the required power to build up again, the Librarians left a note in the appointment book so future Librarians could build and active a new, more stable reintegration system.[1]


Stabilization Circuit: The wireless power transmitters were rebuilt by Tesla into an energy circuit that allows the out of sync townspeople to remain stable within its borders.

Energy Transmission: Although the original experiment failed, the transmitters are a key part of the reintegration system, transmitting energy through the circuit when the system is activated.

Real Life Counterpart[]

Nikola Telsa was a brilliant Serbian physicist who invented Alternating current, which we use to deliver power to our houses.

Some of his projects are so advanced that, even a whole century later, humanity cannot replicate them. Perhaps the most famous example is the Wardenclyffe Tower, abandoned in 1917 because of the lack of funds. The tower would be the ancestor of both Wi-fi and cellphone technology, transmitting data and information over large distances, efficiently and with ease.


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